Is it still worth it to do marketing with podcasts?

Do you have questions or maybe doubts about marketing with podcasts?

Is it still worth it to spend time marketing with podcasts?

My answer to that will be yes, it is still worth it. Keep on reading to find out why I think that this is true.

To begin with, podcasts are audio recordings that you can add to your marketing arsenal that you can share on your website or blog. Podcasting is really valuable in marketing, because it has actually advanced in popularity lately. So yes it is really worth it to add podcasting to your marketing plan. There are different platforms Marketing with podcastsavailable where you can set up your podcasts.You can download or stream these podcasts. Quite a few online marketers are in fact using podcasting right now to get their message out and to build their income further. Many of them are getting great results fromt heir podcasts as well. So marketing with podcasts is not a thing from the past that simply doesn’t work. By marketing with podcasts you can share a free training or make your podcasts a product that people have to purchase in order to get access to it. Through these podcasts you can share marketing tips, mindset training and lots of other trainings as well. You could also for instance interview your mentor or another successful marketer during your podcasts, this could attract many people to listen in.

So what do we need to think about when podcasting?

Make sure that the subjects that you adress in your podcasts are of big interest for your audience. You need to make your podcasts enjoyable  so that your audience will come back for more training from you. Do not be too salesly in your podcast but you could always mention briefly what you are working on of course. Educate, entertain, inspire and motivate people with your podcasts. Marketing with podcasts is very beneficial for you as a marketer when it comes to branding as well. Podcasts are ideal for people on the go , busy people. Because they can listen to your podcasts on their cellphones. Its is also good for people that prefer listen to audios then to read text.

To get a wider and bigger audience for your podcasts make sure to share them on social media Marketing with podcaststhrough social sharing buttons on your website to generate that free traffic to your content. There are of course other ways that you can use to promote your podcasts as well. You could email your list and mention your podcasts and mention the benefits with accessing your training.  Your susbscribers could add suggestions to what you should trainings about in your coming podcasts. You could write blog posts about your podcasts and pressreleases etc. Yes there are many ways that you can promote your podcasts.

So yes making use of podcasting in your marketing is really worth it, I would say. Don’t forget to grab your free newsletter here, it is loaded with marketing tips.



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Do you have trouble finding prospects?

Do you have trouble finding prospects?

Well in this blog post I will share some tips that you can benefit from when it comes to

finding prospects for your online business.

Finding prospects is one thing but we really want to find those quality prospects, right?

To start with do you already have customers for something else you are marketing? Well, those people may be interested in what else you are promoting as well. So that is one thing to consider when we are talking about finding prospects. Not everyone will buy from you or have a interest in what you offer, but some people are. o you need to be prospecting daily in order to build your income and business up as fast as possible. Because the more you are prospecng the more quality prospect you will get across.

Share that value…

But to be able draw more people to you as a marketer, to attract possible prospects towards you, you need to share free value in different ways concistently,such as for instance through blog posts,artiucles  etc.. This way you are able to build trust with your prospects. Another source you should take advantage of is video marketing. When you blog,make a video about that topic as well and upload it to youtube. Put it inside your blog Finding leadspost so that you can generate free targeted traffic.  By sharing value you can make it so the prospects will come to you instead of you chasing them. Through social media there are a lot of places where you can be finding prospects. Like on websites like facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Stumbleupon etc. But you can also benefit by taking advantage of dufferent marketing forums. This is great especially if you have an limited advertising budget,because you can sign up for free at many of these forums. Take a look at what questions for instance newbies have there and provide them with a great answer. Do not just post a short answer, take the time to really give a solution to what they have issues with.

Don’t answer questions that you know nothing about

You should not try to give answers to something that you are not that sure about.Find topics  and questions about things that you have some knowledge about. If you give quality answers consistently to people at these forums, then they will begin like know and trust you. At these forums they usually have the option to have a signature that gets posted beneath each of your posts. this is great becuase here you can post a link to your blog or even better, to a capture page so that you can build your list further. And when you provide thees great replies to the posts at these forums, then people may bcomee curious and click on that link.

So you see, there are plenty of sources and ways that you can be finding prospects for your business through. So prospect activly on a daily basis more or less to really build up your business and income effectively. Make sure to grab your free newsletter here, if you haven’t done so already, it is filled with marketing tips.



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Enviralizer review, what is enviralizer?

Enviralizer review.

Have you heard about Enivralizer?
If not then this Enviralizer review will help you with finding answers to your questions.

What Enviralizer is not is not some mlm program. It is a simple way to start building a income online. Yes it is true making money online can actually be easy, believe it or not.

The people behind Enviralizer are Franco Gonzales and Enrique Alberra. With Enviralizer there are no upsells or downsells and no recurring fees. You just pay 25 dollars one time and you are all set up.

As a paid member you will access  exclusive Social Media and Internet Marketing Training Library, with high quality products to help you to take your business to the next level… There are also private coaching bonuses available.

Enviralizer reviewNow to something else in this Enviralizer review that I think you will find interesting…What Enviraliizer provides is a powerful 1up pass up system, so what does this mean? It means that you can create a endless recurring  income for yourself through this simple system…

The Enviralizer referal bonuses explained…

the first sale that the referals make goes to their upline after that they will be able to recive unlimited payments with this program.because of this pass up system there is a big potential  for you to receive a great amount of  recurring residual money through these passups. Because all of your referals will pass up their first sale to you. You can learn even more about the paypplan of Enviralizer when going to this page and scroll down to the affiliate bonus video presentation…

Click here to have a look at a video that explains Enviralizer in detail, and have a look at all the products you will get access to as a member there. Enviralizer is not some new business it has been around for 14 tears,and it is here to stay. If you feel motivated to start making money with this simple system then click here now…

If you got value from reading this Enviralizer review then feel free to share it, thank you.


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Learn to prioritize for the sake of your business

Learn to prioritize,

that is crucial if you lack the ability to do so properly, for the sake of your business and your success. We need to focus on the so called right things to be able to create more reuslts in our online business. So if you feel that you lack focus right now, then you really need to learn to prioritize the right things.

The “fun” things will have to wait

What we may look at as fun like talking with friends on the phone or watching a good movie , that is something that will have to wait. You need to put your focus and your business first… That is if you really want to become successful in your business. So you got to think about what is most important to you now, your success or that great movie on the television. So yes, learn to prioritize it is a must. Of course you must be able to socialize with your friends and so on, but your business needs to come firstWhen being involved Learn to prioritizewith network marketing, online marketing, we need to plan our daily marketing and follow that plan. And most importantly, we need to learn to prioritize. If you really have that big desire to become successful as soon as possible  then you need to prioritize what is really important to you right now. When those days comes when we do not really feel that inspired to do our marketing tasks then we need to motivate ourselves and remind ourselves about why we started with network marketing, our why, and get the job done regardless… This is how you get closer to more success and your breakthrough, if you haven’t had your breakthrough yet.

Put all other things a side…

Let us say that a successful marketers offers you a free  quality training to help you move forward in your business and make more money online. then you should do what ever it takes to attend that training and not come up with excuses. There is no place for excuses if Learn to prioritizeyou want to reach your goals. Put all other things a side and focus on getting on that training. This is very important especially if you are struggling with your marketing or have a limited budget and therefore are having troubles accesing such a training otherwise. And you never know when such a opportunity comes your way next time around. If you do not attend this kind of training and not making the most of such a opportunity, then you will only have yourself to blame for missing out on it. So your future success is depending on if you learn to prioritize or not.

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Learn to prioritize

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Build a list or social media, what is best?

Build a list or using social media, what alternative is best?

This question was posted in a forum that I am a member of. Build  a list or social media, what is best to be using?

Or to be more specific, the question was about email marketing and social media, and what resource was the mest effective to be using when aiming to make money online. My opinion is that you should include both ways of marketing your business. You should  be building your list as well as making the most out of social media. Because we should use several  effective ways of marketing our business to generate as much results as possible.

That symbiotic relationship

We always should be building our list to get a list of potential buyers to email. So there are Build a listno need of exluding one of the alternatives from your marketing plan. When it comes to build a list and email marketing, you need to have good adcopy skills to be able to make money from your list. If you should feel that you do not have that yet then you need to learn those skills, and not be afraid of investing in such a training. Because such a training/course will pay off for you in the future to come. Because by having these great adcopy skills, you could potentially make sales each time that you are emailing your list. As they write in Adweek, email marketing and social media does not have to be separated, because the two methods of marketing are living in a symbiotic relationship with each other. Both of these two methods of marketing can produce great results. In numbers, one email share is worth $12.41, and one Google+ share is worth $5.62, while networks like Twitter and Facebook see smaller returns. However I must point out my own experiences with facebook ads in this discussion, because I have had great results through  Facebook ads. Email marketing are sometimes said to out perform the use of ads on social media but never the less, it is very beneficial for any business that we combine social media and when we also build a list.

What social platform is best?

You can use social media to build your list of course. This is just one example why you should combine these to marketing strategies. About social media platforms, Facebook is Build a listthe one that generates the most traffic. The different social platforms that have been compared with each other that are presented at Adweek are; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkeding and when we are sending out emails to our list. So for the best out come, do not choose from social media and email marketing. Instead combine these two marketing strategies for best results.

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All work and no play doesn’t work

All work and no play,

that doesn’t sound that much fun, does it?

It doesn’t sound fun and it isn’t a good idea either to live your life  in the way of all work and no play, for the sake of your well being.

So what is wrong really then with all work and no play?

Well, its is true that when we focus on marketing strategies that really pays off then the all work and no playmore we do the more results we can potentially get. But it is not a good idea to work to hard either so you will burn yourelf out. being an online entrepreneur should be  enjoyable experience, so working almost 24/7 isn’t that appealing, is it?

What is the difference?

One of the reasons that many people choose to be marketing online is the freedom part, to be able to enjoy their life more. So living their lives in the manor of all work and no play, no relaxation well that isn’t a very bright idea if you are asking me. Yes, you should put in the hours and work hard to get closer to your goals and dreams, but we also have to draw the line somewhere…. if you are going to work that intense and live your life in the way of all work and no play, then what is the difference of being an online entrepreneur compared to a regular 9-5 job?? Why bother with network marketing if we can’t take time off and enjoy our freedom and our lives?

Am I wrong??

We should take time off sometimes from our online businesses to really enjoy life, because like I wrote earlier, to enjoy life should be one of the reasons to why we started working with network marketing. Or am I wrong? I think that when someone decides to start with network mrketing,they want to create something different for themselves, they want to create  change for themselves. So don’t work too hard so that you’re  burning yourself out in the chase of your dreams… Take the time to take a day off every now and then. Because if you re constantly working and never take the time to really relax, then people will notice that. They may wonder if you are are struggling in your business simply because you are constantly working, and they may not be that willing to work with you either then. Because they may not be that attracted to you as a marketer if they suspect that you are struggling to make money. We need to listen to our body and take time to relax and not just work and work…. Hard work doesn’t have to be a bad thing but again, take time to enjoy the freedom you have created for yourself as well.

If you are looking to create more freedom for yourself through making money online,

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Being fake doesn’t cut it

Being fake doesn’t cut it.

Being fake doesn’t cut it under any circumstances, and maybe especially not if you are involved with network marketing.

The reason to why I am blogging about this is because of something that I have noticed a few days ago that I wanted to share with you.

I am not mentioning any names but I noticed that a marketer that actually stole another marketers income prooof and posted on his wall at facebook, as his own. The person he Being fakestole them from is a very successful online marketer and he found out about this other guys actions. We as marketers  simply have to be honest and genuine, and stealing each others payment proofs or banner images to be viewed as a far more successful person then we actually are and being fake, well that simply doesn’t cut it. Because sooner or later the truth will be revealed anyway, and if someone  claims to be more successful then they are, well that will be revealed sooner or later as well.

Shortcuts, but to what cost?

It is one thing to be wanting to build up a income as fast as possible, but it is not okay in my book to be stealing other peoples content like that. When someone is being fake like that guy was, well that will come to the surface, and that is what happned in this case as well. From what I could tell the guy that stole this content seem to be getting positive feed back and interest from other marketers that didn’t knew about his unethical behavior. It is sad…  If you are about to be using short cuts then do not use unethical ones.

It gets done in minutes…

It is unethical behavior like the ones i just mentioned, that gives us online marketers,online entrepreneurs a bad reputation. Some people thinks that pretty much every mlm is a scam, so this kind of unethical behavior does not benefit our reputation as marketers. Always be truthful and act in a honest way,because you will be rewarded for it later on, that is my opinion. Unethical behavior as being fake often gets exposed easy Being fakebecause the word get around… So don’t take that risk to take a shortcut like that to more money. It is simply just not worth it… Because like I have written before, it can take some time to build up a good reputation, but to ruin it can be done within minutes. So think twice before doing something that you might regret later. I am sure you are a honest good person, but I am just sharing the values that I have here now… Always be truthful because then you will not have to remember what you maybe have lied about.

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The importance of disrupting your negative beliefs about yourself

If you are having negative beliefs about yourself,

then you should work on changing those beliefs.

Having these negative beliefs about yourself will do you no good, but unfortunally many people are having these negative beliefs sometimes.

By reading this blog post I hope that you will find value  so that you can take action to limiting beliefs about yourselfchange your mindset and get away from those negative beliefs about yourself, if you right now are going through a period of negative thinking and doubts about yourself.. I have recently read Tony Robbins best seller “Awaken the giant within”, and I can really reccommend this book to anyone that wants to stay motivated to work towards their dreams and goals as well as maybe discovering new things about themselves.

Change your behavior patterns…

There are lots and lots of good thoughts shared in this book, but one piece of this book that I particulary like is a part in the book that takes up the importance of disrupting negative patterns that we may have. Such negative patterns will just stop you in your tracks and not benefit your business building at all. So we need to change our way of thinking about ourselves if we are in a period of negative self belief. If we for instance are telling ourself that we can’t do something, we should instead turn our  way of thinking around,and instead think and believe that we in fact can do what we doubt that we can accomplish. Because it is like network marketing; if you keep doing the same things in your marketing then you will end up with the same exact results. Well, if you keep on thinking in the same way about yourself then you will not be able to make  positive change for yourself in life and(or in business. Some people may feel that is more painful to make that positive change then to stay in the present situtation, this because of a  limiting negative mindset. We need to switch all negativity that we carry inside to something positive instead, to be able to stop these negative beliefs about yourself that you might have to be able to become successful…

Things will change when your mindset change

Because nothing will change for you until your mindset change, if you have  a negative mindset right now. Because we can not create a more positive outcome if we continue with these negative beliefs about ourselves. So a change must take place with our mindset. If we really are motivated to create change in our lives and take action to create that change, then our lives can in fact turn round for the better. Because it is not enough to just want change, we must take action all the time towards that change as well.

So switch any negative beliefs about yourself that you have  to positive self beliefs in order to get closer to your goals and dreams.

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What you should consider when choosing a business

There are some things that you need to consider I think,

when you are about to choosing a  business to work with .

What I am getting at when I am writing choosing  a business, I really mean when you are considering to join a online business and what you need to think about before doing so…

I think that everyone that are working in a online, home based business of course wants to make money, but there are other things to consider as well when choosing a business besides the compensation plan. The structure of the compensation plan of the business Choosing a businessyou are about to join is important so that you do not have to work way to hard for to small commissions. But there are other sides to the coin as well that you need to think about.

Be careful about your reputation…

A important part is of course  if the business are legit, ethical and legal, so do some research before joining a online business, and do not act to quick when choosing a business online. because you do not want to join a business that isn’t really legit and maybe gets shut down in a few moinths,and you do not want to damage your reputation by being associated with such a business either. Besides, all the work that you have put into that busines would have been for nothing as well. So do your homework, make a research about the company look for testimonials and reviews about the company as well.

Are you excited about your business?

A important thing when choosing a business is your level of excitement. Are you excited about your business and its products? Do you think that plenty of people will benefit from those products?  If you  are not all  that excited about the company that you are looking into, then do not join it. The compensation plan may seem great, but you need to be excited about everything about that business as well. You need to be excited because Choosing a businesspeople will notice if you aren’t. If you do not believe in your business potential and the products that you are promoting then that will shine through and in the end you will not make many sales in your business either. To make other people believe in your business and its potential, you personally must also be excited about your business. If you should say to people that your business is awsome and you are not showing that excitement after all, then people will not really be convinced by what you are saying to them. So showing true excitement is a must when it comes to making other people excited as well about your buiness, so that they in the future may get really motivated to join you in business….

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Why you need to be open to taking risks

Are you sometimes taking risks?

Or do you always try to play it safe when it comes to marketing and making money online? If you really want to build your business online as fast s possible, then you really need to be open to taking risks.

Otherwise you may making your business and income building online that much harder then it needs to be. I will explain to you now, why that is.

You do not know until you try it

You shouldn’t be afraid to try new ways of doing things in your marketing, new ways of promoting your business. Because those new marketing strategies that you learn and apply could make a big difference for the sake of your business building and income generation. Besides, you do not know if something works unless you have tried it… So try new ways of doing things. Be open to new ideas. So as I am mentioning in the video above, try new Taking risksways of promoting your business, put in a little money in that advertising strategy and see how it turns out. If needed, tweak the advertisement  to get more results out of it. Test, tweak and track it, that is what you need to be doing. Sometimes things does not work out the way that we have wanted them to, but that is life. So try again and make it better next time around. Should you be a bit scared of spending money then you need to change your attitude towards investing money for the  sake of your business building efforts online.

If you never take risks then you never win either…

Because by investing in your business, you will also in fact be investing in your self. You can’t have those fears about spending money and taking risks when you are involved with network marketing… If you are not willing to be taking risks, then you will not get anywhere with your business either… It doesn’t work to always play it ssafe, because if you are afraid of taking risks then you will not evolve as a online marketer either. I believe that the top earners in this industry in fact has taking a lot of risks to be able to reach the level of success that they are enjoying now. So taking risks does not have to be a bad thing it could be quite the opposite… Because if you keep doing things the same exact way in your marketing,then you will also get the same exact results like you always have been getting. So kick fear to the curve and take some risks every now and then. And also, should you have issues with your comfort zones then you need to work on getting out  more and more of that comfort zone. You have to,in order to become really successful.

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