Dealing with disrespectful people in online marketing

Dealing with disrespectful people.

In different sistuations of our live s we unfortunally can get across rude people.

But how do we succesfully dealing with disrespectful people ?

I will share my thoughts regarding this with you now.

The problem are within them…

If someone treats you bad ,and are rude to you , most certainly it is because nothing you have done or said, instead the problem are inside of these disrespectful people . The problem isn’t really about you at all… These rude people are simply in a bad mood caused by something else that is making them so frustrated. When we are talking about online Dealing with disrespectful peoplemarketing, within this field of work a whole lot of people are indeed frustrated, because lack of success. They are frustrated because no matter what strategies they have been using in their marketing, they havent’t been able to generate any big results. This doesn’t excuse a rude behavior of course, but it gives a explanation to their behavior.

Focus on those that are ready to listen

But again it is not a okay behavior, and if they keep being on your case you may even have to block them and/ or even remove them from your list. you shouldn’t have to put up with such a behavior if the won’t calm down. Because if they don’t calm down so that you can reason with them and help the, if they will not listen then why keep them on your list??Instead focus on those people that are ready to listen and learn from you. Focus on the positive ones… Sometimes we simply have to put our foot down towards disrespectful people… If they will not listen to reason then it is time to say goodbye to them. This is how we must be dealing with disrespectful people. Because if we spend time with these negative people they will drain you on energy and maybe of focus as well. If you do not have a so to say thick skin to deal with this rude people then you need to so to say grow one. Because that is necessary in this industry when dealing with disrespectful people. It is a great line of work and industri,but the neagtive parts can involve that we get across these neagtive rude people sometimes. But we need to rise above that and grow a thicker skin…

So to sum it up…

  • On many occations it is not your doing that people act disrespectful
  • Lack of results among marketers can lead to frustration and make them lash out at you. This is not a okay behavior but a explanation to their anger.
  • You need to develop a thick skin as an entrepreneur, and not take it personally if people will be lashing out at you.
  • If they keep on “hating” and disrespecting you, then it is time to end the connection with them.

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Open to recieve, are you open to receive?

Open to receive.

do you start your days open to receive?

Do you start your days open to receive positive things? Or do you tell yourself that there will probably be some setbacks this day as well? Taking the decision to be positive or negative decides if you are going to be successful or not, and we all want as much success as possible, right?

What you are open to receive is what you in fact will receive as well. What you project to the world, positive or negative things is what you will receive. This is how things works. So Open to receivewhen you want to be more successful in anything you do like I have blogged about many times, keeping a positive mind , a positive mindset is so very important. Because what you think is what you will receive and become… So ina manor of speaking we must learn how to think “the right” way…

Start your day off right

The advice I can give you is when  you wake up in the morning, tell your self that this day is going to be amazing for you. Tell yourself that today everything will run smoothly in your business or what ever you are involved with. Tell yourelf that today I am going to feel so good and are going to make so much good things happen. By doing this you are open to receive the right things into your life. Not anything negative but only positive things for yourself as well as to benefit your level of success. Because the negative thoughts should have no place in your life if you are aiming towards becoming really successful.

Your goals

To stay positive write down your goals on a piece of paper and read them out loud to yourself during the days. Also you can put them on a wall where you often spend time,so that you get reminded of those goals. This to making you stay focused on your goals so that you constantly work towards those goals effectively. This is another great way to Open to receivebecome open to receive. We can attract what we want to have in our lives, but we also have to work for it to make it happen. If you do not work on yourself and on your mindset, then you are not going to create that momentum in your online business or what ever you are focusing on either. So be open to receive positive changes in your life to enjoy more success. Because if you suddenly starting to doubt yourself then you will not attract the things into your life, that you really want and need. Be open to recieve more abundance in your life. Open to receive does not have to be about online marketing and making money, it is also about being open to receive gratitude, joy and love etc.

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Tommy Olsson

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What is a good email open rate? Tips to improve your open rates

We all want our emails to our list to be open by as many people
as possible of course,
but what is a good email open rate?

If you keep on reading I will reveal some facts about good email open rates. So what is an okay level of emails opened by your susbcribers?

What is a good email open rate?

To begin with why we as marketers want a high email open rate is of course because of the fact, that the more subscriber that are opening our emails the more sales we could be What is a good email open ratemaking. But now back to the question; what is a good email open rate?

The email open rates may vary a bit depending on what business you are in actually. It also depends how big of a list you have and your lists quality.  But let us now get a bit more to the point. I would say that gettinga a 20% email open rate is very good,anything more then that is just awsome and a extra bonus…  Getting a 10% open rate is quite good as well. But aiming for that 20% is what we should do.But it is not possible at all times to getthat good email open rates, so what can you do to improve that rate?

Tips for higher open rates…

The subject line should awaken the readers curiosity, it should involve what the email will focus on but not be revealing to much either. Also in the email you need to be entertaining and never be boring… Make sure that the emails you are sending out is not risking to be
regarded as spam and going tintoyour subscribers spam folder. The autoresponder suppliers usually have a tool for measuring your messages spam level. This way you are able to edit your mails before you are sending them out, to avoid being spammy  in your What is a good email open ratefollow ups and broadcasts to your list. Also, to see what words that triggers the spam filters feel free to visit this website… Try your best to avoid getting complains from your subscribers, try to keep that level of complaints as low as possible. To avoiding complaints one thing to remmeber is to have your name or company name in the “from” field,so that people will recognize you.So do not act spammy or writing in a boring way… if you bore your list you will geta very love email open rate and get more people unsubscribing as well. If you are not satisfied with your emails open rates then you need to work on your ad copy and continue to improve each of the emails you are sending out to your list.

People unsubscribing

About people unsubscribing, people will always unsubscribe so do not ponder about that to much. Focus on keep building your list further instead.

So there you go,now you have some answers to this question “what is a good email open rate?” as well as tips to how to improve your email open rates. if you feel stuck in your marketing progress feel free to subscribe to my free newsletter at this blog. You can find the opt in form to the right.


Tommy Olsson

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Burning desire for success beats skills

Having a burning desire for success, the will to becoming really successful

beats skills everytime…

I am not joking, I am totally serious and if you keep on reading you will realize why.

When you have a burning desire for success you have such a drive and motivation within, so the lack of some skills basically doesn’t matter. Maybe I do not make much sense know, I mean if a person does not have the necessary skills then how will they get any results?

Looking from a different angle…

Well let’s twist it around for a while; what if a skilled person had no motivation or energy Burning desire for successto become succesful or generate more success for themselves? Having no inspiration what so ever? How much money would they be making, how much results would they generate through their marketing? You see when a person has a burning desire for success, they find a way, if they don’t possess a certain skill, well then they research it and get it done regardless! That is what being in a positive state of mind and motivation can bring forward… That burning desire for success is about strong determination of course to reach the goals you have set up, and you are then in this state of mind that you will make it happen no matter what. Then you are working on finding solution  to obstacles instead of focusing and worrying about those particular obstacles

When there are no procrastination…

What I have described just now is of course the difference between a positive and a negative mindset… When you have that burning desire for success you never Burning desire for successprocrastinatae, instead you get things done !  So yes like I wrote previously in this post, I believe that a burning desire for success beats skills and know-how every time, more or less… When a person has a goal that they are visualizing having they can get that high level of motivation and feeling filled with energy, to the level so that they feel unstoppable. So skills isn’t always everything, even though having great skills about something is of course something great and very useful. But if a person is in the wrong mindset then those skills doesn’t matter much anyway. The ultimate situation would be of course if a person both had great skills and a big drive and a burning desire for success. That would be awsome, but like I have been mentioning earlier when having that huge drive and motivation you will let nothing stop you. You will go out there and find a way to reaching your goals regardless of any obstacles. If you got value from this blog post feel free to leave your comments to it and share it, thank you.

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Tommy Olsson

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Build your list if you are serious about succeeding

Build your list,

you probably have heard it a million times already. But regardless; it is still true.

If you want to simplify your money making effforts online, then you simply have to build your list.

Otherwise you will be making things a lot harder then it needs to be… and who wants to complicate things? Start to build your list and keep doing so..daily. The bigger of a list you have and the better relationship you are having with your list, the more money you will be making. You have also heard this expression a million times I suppose; “the money is in the list” Well that depends totally on the relationship you are having with your list. For instance, you will not make much money with that list by spamming them with links… So it Build your listis not enough to only build your list, you need to maintain your relationship with your list as well… There will always be people unsubscribing, people that are not interested in the content you are sharing. So that is another why you need to keep working towards build your list. Some marketers that I have heard of regret that they didn’t start to build their list at the very start of their online marketinf career, so do not repeat their mistakes. Build you list in any way you can, as long as you are  building it constantly…

Do they buy?

Not everyone on your list will buy everything you offfer, but the better you get at ad copywriting the more success you will have with making money through your list. At first you should not focus so much on making those sales, as I have mentioned earlier you need to build a relationship with your potential buyers to begin with.

Ways of building your list

To beging with add an opt in form at your blog and offer a free gift so that as many people as possible will sign up to your free news letter. Set up a capture page and do the same thing there offer people something for free, a so called lead magnet. Offer them a free training or a free ebook for instance. Be creative  to be able to generate as much leads a s possible. If you some day launch your own product at warriorplus, then you can actually connect your autoresponder to your product so those who buys it  becomes your subscribers. That is another smart way of building your list… There are free methods of generating leads but if you can afford it I would recommend you to invest in paid advertising such as solo ads for instance, for faster results. However never use any cheap unlegit ways of building your list of course.

So now I hope that I have been giving you some good reasosn to why you should build your list. To learn more about building your list and making sales online, feel free to sign up for my free newsletter at this blog.

Thank you for taking time to read this post.



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Product upsell, why are they using product upsell?

You have probably heard about the term product upsell,

or in fact experienced a product upsell.

In this blog post I will explain what a product upsell is,

and why so many online marketers as well as product creators are using product upselling.

The definition of a product upsell

So what is a product upsell?  A product upsell is when the product owner offers a more expensive product once the costumer bought that first product. this to make more profit of course from their product.So for starters the first product could me for a very low prize,but then to get more benefits of using that first training for instance, the customer are required to invest in that upsell. One product could include more then one upsell actually. The same goes for Product upselldownsells,but I will not go into detailed about downsell in this blog post. If you are interested to find out more about upsell and down sells and the difference between them,then feel free to read this earlier blog post from me. The upsell strategy is very often used when wanting to earn as much money as possible from a product, and can be looked upon as a smart marketing method,or sneeky, depending how you decide to look upon it…

Buying  a burger

A example of upselling could be when you go ro buy a hamburger at Macdonalds or a similar place, and they ask you if you want some french fries to go with that, what they do is simply a form of upselling actually.

Cost effectiveness…

The upsell strategy is cost effective as well, because it would be more expensive to launch a whole new product then to offer it as an upsell. When launching it as a new product the product owner have to set up the funnel and everything once again which will take some time, therefore it is more cost effective and also saves time to offer the product as an upsell. Using upsells couild mean that you offer your costumers features that they really haven’t thought about previously.

Cross selling

To make even more profit, using cross selling is another way of doing it. Cross selling means product upsellthat you offer similar products to what you offer in your first product that they buy.

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  • It is cost effective and it saves time for the product owner to use product upselling
  • usimng upselling means that you could show your customers features about the product that they haven’t thought about before.
  • Upselling means that you want to make as much profit on each product.
  • To make ecven more money from the product you should also include down selling.



Tommy Olsson.

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Speaking to yourself, what are you telling yourself?

Are you speaking to yourself?

It is a normal thing to do you know, or thinking things about yourself and your own ability as well.

So what type of thoughts are you having about yourself? What are you telling yourself when you are speaking to yourself?

Does speaking to yourself involves positive things or negative things  about yourself? Depending on what type of thought you wake up with in the morning, positive or negative, that thought actually decides how the rest of your day will turn out. If you wake up and think, “oh this is going to be one of those crappy days”, then crappy is how your day probably will Speaking to yourselfbe… If we instead think this way; “this day is going to be awsome, I am going to get a lot done and havning a lot of success” well then chances are big that your day will turn out really great. So it is really important that you think about the way you are thinking and how you are speaking to yourself. If you recognize that you soemtimes have a negative mindset, then know that you are not alone. A lot of people are struggling with this…

The tendency of negativity

We as humans are having a tendency to get this negative thoughts and negative beliefs about ourselves from time to time. That is if we do not do something to prevent that negative thinking and maintaining a positive mindset… What we spread out from us is what we will attract into our lives. This is of course a part of attractcion marketing…and it really works this way! So be aware of what you are thinking and what you are saying when you are speaking to yourself, because it might just come true… Maintain your positive mindset by reading books, listening to audios or watch inspiring videos, daily… You can also create a vison board/ dream board that you can view daily to keeping you motivated towards your goals.

I found this video that has a great mesaage about the power of mindset, watch it below….


A great message and very motivational….

You can change things…

If you really want to achieve something then you can , no matter what your situation is. the only thing that is stopping you is maybe your mindset and the lack of belief in yourelf. If you love what you are doing and have a big goal you really want to reach,then decide NOW that you will make it happen. That is the power of a positive mindset. You are the cretor of your own destiny, you can change your situation,if you really want to… Your success is depending on you maintianing your mindet and that you are careful  about what you are saying when you are speaking to yourself…

Thank you for reading this post and if you should need any marketing advice, then feel free to subscribe to my newsletter at this blog.


All the best,

Tommy Olsson.

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Spend money to make money

Spend money to make money.

This is sometimes crucial to be able to step it up in your online business. At times in life we really don’t want to spend money a lot, and that is understandable if what we are spending money on isn’t that important after all.

But when building a income from home, building a home based busisness, to spend money to make money is a must I would say.

At least when we are talking about stepping up your income in your business. How come? Well, to become a better online marketer it is sometimes necessary to spend money to make money, by investing in products that will help you making more money Spend money to make moneyonline. These products are indeed very important that we invest in. At least if the products are very valuable, teaching you skills that you hadn’t before to make it possible for you to build up your online income.

Counting on your sponsor

Your sponsor should of course help you out and educating  you to help you advance in making money online. But at times they might not always  be able to do that for free. Do not get me wrong you shouldn’t have to pay them in order to  become mentored, but at times, you actually have to pay a fee to learn some particular skills. I will explain now what I mean by this… Because if you are in a situation where you are able to spend some money I would advice you to invest in your business and in yourelf.

Open the wallet…

Think about it this, way, your sposnor maybe have launched a product witha ton of value inside adn a lot of people have bought that product,that may come to a very low beneficial price as well. This means that your sponsor and mentor can’t give it away to you for free. Why? Because then he or she would be doing alll the people that have bought their product wrong. Your mentor and sponsor could sit ona goldmine a ton of knowledge, so I would say that it would be truly worth it to get in on their knowledge for the sake of your online marketing success. This to be able to so to say get the key to that goldmine. So sometimes we reeally need to be willing to open our wallet and spend money to make money. Yes in fact we really have to spend money to make money online, if we are able to spend.. I hope this is all making sense to you now. To spend money on your business is a investment in your future, in your future success.

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Tommy Olsson

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Success loves speed. here is how that works

Success loves speed.

That expression is what I will blog about today.
success loves speed, what does it really mean?

Here follows my view about this saying or expression…

Take a hold of the moment and take action

Success loves speed is about you taking action when you have that great idea and you really feel excited and full of energy regarding that idea of yours. It is about you benefiting from this momentum and getting a lot of work done because of this feeling of excitement. What it is all about is you taking hold of the moment and becoming really creative to actually make that idea a reality. It is best to take action while you have that high level of energy and motivation, otherwise if you decide to take action on it later, that day and moment may take quite a while until it actually happens. Make the most of this excitement that you have for your idea, because if you do you might pretty soon have made reality of that idea or project. Success loves speed and your success can’t wait,or can it? Because success loves speed is the opposite to procrastination, and we really don’t want to  procrastinate.

Success loves speed

A better moment then now will never come…

Who knows, maybe it wouldn’t happen at all then? If you keep prosponding that project then maybe it will never take place. So take action while you are in this creative state of mind… Chances are that you will create somethinh amazing while being in this creative state of mind.So I recommend that you sieze the moment when you are so very creative, to make that idea you have come true and become a reality. When you are really excited and inspired by something in many cases the results turns out really well in the end, for that idea. Take action on your idea now because it will not come any better time to take action on that idea you have, at a later time. If you come up with a idea for a product for instance, a product that a lot of people will need, then it could turn out really profitable for you. So do not wait for a later date to getting started with that project, take action righ NOW instead…. Great ideas doesn’t deserve to be hold back or put on hold, that would be a waste of time. This is a big part of what the expression; success loves speed means to me. If you have another view about this subject then feel free to leave your comments to this blog post.

Have  a great day.


Tommy Olsson

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People love to buy,how to make them love buying from you

People low to buy in particular situations.

Do you know how to make people loving to buy from you?

We online marketers are in the career of selling, so how do you make more sales?

I will share my views with you in this blogpost and give answer sto,

why people love to buy sometimes…

My journey and the progress…

Earlier during my online marketer career when I struggled I got this feeling that the poeple I connected almost hated to buy. Well at list they didn’t bouhgt  from me then… I was also going through a period then when I Had low self esteem and a negative mindset, caused by this strugglinmg. I was really frustrated as well back then. Therefore I sometimes  felt like it was hopeless to make any significant amounts of sales. But then again,I didnt manage to make more sales because of my mindset then either. I did by daily marketing but didn’t had that sparkle of energy when i wiorked my business. Now I know that with a change of mindset it is easier to make more sales online in fact. When you tell yourself that you will make more sales a ton of sales,well that is what could be headed your way. Because what you think is what you attract into your life No matter if you think you can or can’t fo something, you are right…as the saying goes.

They love to, at times…

People love to buy actually l if they trust you, if you share your experiences with then People love to buyabout that particular product. People will buy if they realize the value in the product and also realizing that they need to have it. If people didn’t buy then their would be no online marketers,would it?

Self belief

If you believe that people will never buy from you,then that is what is going to happen. But if you change your thoughts ,change them into positive ones,  change them into that people love to buy from you. Then you may realize that you in fact really can make those sales. So tell yourself that you can, and that you WILL.  Write notes with that message and put them up all over your house, to remind yourself of that message, that you will and CAN. People love to buyBecause having a positive mindset is so important when it comes to becoming and being a successful marketer. If you do not believe in yourself,then how are others going to be able to believe in you? If you haven’t had your breakthrough in online marketing yet,then keep on working, keep on learning and one day the rewards will come… They say quiters never win and winners never quits, and that’s true…

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Tommy Olsson

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