Why do people use social networks?

Why do people use social networks?

There are different to why people are spending time on these different social networks. I will share my opinions with you now, and give you answers to the question; “why do people use social networks?”

The different types of use 

Some people ar using social networks and social networks just to share their opinions and so called daily thoughts; sharing what’s on their minds right there and then, They might share picture or text content about a hobby they are having as well. Social networks is  agreat asset when you want to fins information about a certain topic as well. Then we have Why do people use social networksthe business related use of social networks… For on line marketers social networks is a very baluable resource when it comes to getting exposre,branding themselves as experts in their field as well as generating leads. If you have the skills to network on social sites then social platforms van be like a gold mine for you, building your  brand, credibility and online business. Because by increasing your numbers of followers at these social networks you are able to generate more leads for your business.

Be a valuable person and share value

Why do people use social networks, well as I have mentioned previously in this post it can bring you a lot of results for your business. You are able to do that by attracting people to you, by sharing value and not constantly pitching people. try to find out problems people have when attempting to make money online, and provide a soltution to their problems. Also; inspire people by sharing value,inspirational quotes, could be other well known marketers quotes, or your own. Also, sharing inspirational motivational images is an good idea to attract people to you. So be a source of inspiration for people on these social networks… there are another benefit with using these social networks as well. that is when you are sharing your blog posts on these sites. You should do this to get more traffic to your content and by doing this you will improve your blogs search engine rankings. Besides that you are also able to advertise on most of the different social networks. Why do people use social networks?? Choosing not to use use social networks means that you will make your marketing that much harder then it really needs to be. There is a lot of social networks that you can make use of; Facebook, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Tumblr, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Here follows a summary to why people are using social networks…


  • Use social networks to brand yourself as an expert in your niche.
  • Use social networks for the benefit of lead generation.
  • Use these social networks to get maximal exposure for your content
  • Use social networks to improve your blogs search engine rankings.

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Tommy Olsson.

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Web wealth system,what is web wealth system?

This is my honest review about Web wealth system.

In this blog post I will answer the question what Web wealth system is all about.

The man behind Web wealth system is the successful online marketer and leader Terry Duff. As I see it eh web wealth system can help a lot of people that have struggled to make money online ,as well as adding a nice extra income for the already successful online marketers out there. In fact the system was made to help everyone  regardless of background, to make  serious money online.

The price tag

The price tag is very low for this system ,it cost just 24 dollars one time,and considering the earning potential with it,that is very very inexpensive…. of course nothing is gyarantted, you are not guaranteed to earna certain amount of money with the Web wealth system, but the possibilities are good. Once you are a member this system starts to send out promotional emails about all the quality system available in the system ,however you do not need to buy these roducts to be able to earn commissions from them. You will be earning 100% commisions on these products.

All done for you

This is a all done for you system, however you must of course promote it to get results. If you feel that you do not know how to write good adcopy,no worries the system takes care of that. You don’t need to setup a capture page ,the capture pages are hosted and set up through the syste. As easy as pie…. When you promote the front end of the system, you get paid one dollar for each subscriber, even if they don’t buy anything from you. Maybe you think that 1 dolllar isn’t much,,and you are right.But what if you build a huge list and your subscribers buy any of the other products, well then you could be creating a pretty impressive paycheck. Besides,if you earn 1 dollar for each subscriber and you have a list of thousands,well that will come in handy anyway, right? Another thing, Web wealth system comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. So there is no risk involved…

Web wealth system


Commisssion get paid to paypal every Friday. Yoiu earn commissions one week after you made that sale.

The training

There are a lot of valuable marketing training withinin the members area, both about free marketing methods and solo ad resources if you are ready to invest money to make money.

The free training includes for instance tutorials about article marketing, how to quickly make money wtih this system ,good ways to promote it etc.

If you feel like this is YOUR time and you feel like you had enough of setbacks and struggling,

then just hit the button below.

Web wealth system


See you on the top 🙂


Tommy Olsson.

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Profit funnel system all done for you,now you are set?

Profit funnel system. Funnel systems can indeed be a great help when you aim to build up your online business effectively to make as much sales as possible.

There are profit funnel systems out there that are said to be all done for you, so you do not have to do much work yourself. But what is the truth regarding this? Does this mean that you can rest on your sofa smoking a cigar while your magical profit funnel system creates a endless sound of ” ca–ching” from your wallet and bankaccount? Not at all…. You need to put in work still, to keep growing and evolving as a marketer to be able to keep climbing that online marketing success ladder. With no doubts there are marketing funnels out there that really helps us online marketers, but that system still won’t make all the work for you. Profit funnel systemYou will not be able to click a button and spending your time in your sofa in fron of the tv, or you being all lazy on the beach working on your tan all day long. Things does not work this way…  No matter if a system get advertised in that manor that it will make it possible for you to close sales without lifting a finger, that is very far for the truth. Well that could be true if you have a hight ticket business with a call center helping you to close the sales, but otherwise you really need to put in the hours in your marketing efforts.

Smart easy ways…

It is true that we as marketers should go for making money in a asy manor, so that we do not make things harder then they need to be. But on the other hand we still need to be realistic and in contact with reality. A awsome profit funnel system may help people that havs truggled a lot in their online marketing journey, and help them to starting to make more money online, but like I just wrote, you need to realize that the efforts on your part, well that isn’t anything you can hide and/ or escape from. It is a true fact…  So if you have come across a profit funnel system that you really are pleased with then con gratulations, but please consider what I have written in this post earlier now. To grow as a marketer a entrepreneur, you better be ready and willing to put in the work and keep learning new marketing skills.

That push button

There are push button softwares out there that are being promoted in this way that you just need to click a button,and the software will do the rest of the work for you. My beliefs is that in most of the cases this doesn’t add up. Most of these sofwares will just not work! They might only make you disapointed instead…

Thank you for taking time to read this post,

if you got value from it,feel free to comment it and share it 🙂


Tommy Olsson

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Bad situations turned good, these things happens

I will share with you today how it can be that bad situations turned good, and how that can be possible.

There are not just bad things that happens to people,sometimes a bad situations can motivate you to create that change in your life to move forward and evolve. let me make an example about bad situations turned good and what I mean by it…

The negative news and change…

Let’s say that you receive news about you losing your job shortly. it isn’t  a great feeling when you get news like that right? because no matter what you feelings are regarding your job no matter if you hate it, that paycheck every months gives some kind of security. But maybe such a bad situation can bring something good with it? Because maybe you do not feel so great inside about having to go to that not fulfilling job at times. Maybe you feel annoyed of thes bad news and get a bit nervous because now you need to find another job,which sometimes isn’t so easy to do really. Then you maybe look for other options to make money, but I don’t  mean online marketing, making money online necesarily. The presssure of not knowing how to you will be able to get by in the future, the pressure of finding a solution for you, may make you challenge your fears,and do things that you maybe wouldn’t have done if you haven’t been put through this negative events.  Maybe you decide to make some dream you have had for a long time an reality.So this is a example of what I am getting at by bad situations turned good.

Bad situations turned good

A blessing in disquise…

Bad situations turned good can be about when something that occurs in your life that might look like something very negative can  turn out to be a blessing in disguise. No matter if you choose to educate yourself within another profession or starting your own busines,no matter if it is a online business or some other business; if you have a big desire to make it happen, then just do it! What separates you from someone that just gives up when things turn bad and difficult, is your will to never give up when you starting something. because do you recognize things as obstacles, or do you start to think about a way around that obstacle? Do you get a feeling of frustration and anger or do you start to think creative to come up with a solution to that problem? Seeing the solution and possibilites instead of only obstacles and problems will make you a winner!

I hope that you got something out of my views through this blog post about bad situations turned good and how that can be possible.

Now if you really want to get started at learning online marketing to create another futue for yourself, then feel free to subscribe for my free newsletter at this blog, and you will receive my best online marketing tips.


Tommy Olsson

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Business email tips, tips to get you on the right track

In todays blog post I will be sharing a few business email tips that I believe and hope will help you out.getting on the right track within your marketing efforts.

One part of this post will be about the danger in boring your subscribers with your follow up letters and broadcasts. other business email tips will also be brought up….

The danger in boring your subscribers…

For starters with my business email tips, let’s talk about entertainment. You should entertain your subscribers through your emails to them, because you never want to bore your list, because then you might lose them as subscribers in the end. Your list of prospects and subscribers is a very important source when it comes to building your income online,so it is crucial not to bore them and risking to making them unsubscribe. You should instead be their source of inspiration and their personal entertainer. Tell your subscribers stories that they can relate to,maybe about something you have experienced through your journey as a online marketer and entrepreneur. It can even be a fictional story as long as it is logical and are connected to what is possible in the real world,so to speak.

Email business tips

How often should you email your list?

Another business email tips from me involves the power of story telling. When you get good att telling stories through your emails you can infact message your list daily without having a big risk of getting any large number of leads to unsubscribe. In fact by emailing them daily you create a good relationship with them fast and in the long run this might help you to increase your level of earning. Because by telling these stories you should connect with your subscribers emnotions and convince them about why they need to buy from you. that is the great power and advantage of story telling.

Amount of follow up letters and tweaking and testing….

There is a saying that subscribers usually starts to buy from a marketer after the 7th follow up email, so you should have at least 11-12 emails added to your campaign/follow up series.. You should work on adding more and more follow up letters into your follow up letters. Maybe you will find that you need to edit some of them for better click through rates or even delete and replace some of the letters with new ones. Because like I have mentioned in my previous blog posts, you need to all the time test and tweak things within your marketing. It is necessary to be able to generate more results for your business… This is what the top earners in this industry are doing,so you should be doing your tweaking and testing as well. Because you should always aim to improve youre marketing tactics for greater results. This post is mainly about email business tips but what I just mentioned goes for other parts of your marketing work as well. This is true because if you do things like you always have then you will get the same results like you always have been getting as well.

Thanks for reading.


Tommy Olsson.

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What is a warm lead and a cold lead?

What is a warm lead?

Have you ever about what a warm and cold lead within online marketing is? I will provide some answers to these two questions for you now in this post…

So let’s get into it.. what is a warm lead?

The warm lead

What a warm lead is,well  it can be a prospect that are interested in the niche or businesss that you are promoting. It can be that the prospect are looking for a product to solve a problem they have in their marketing for instance. You are offering a free report or a business What is a warm leadopportunity that the warn lead and prospect have showed an interest through maybe in a earlier promotion done by you…. They may have responded through this earlier promotion but not taking that final step and been bought that product or service from you.  They might have attended a free training webinar that you have been hosting. The warm lead could also have been starting to following you at different social medias such as Twitter Pinterest, Facebook etc… So it is very important that you are being active at social media and creating that interest for you and your business. Creating that buzz  about you… Being visual and getting notified is very crucial when it comes to generating leads to your business.

Now to the cold ones…

So now you have a good understanding and got answers to “what is a warm lead?”, so what is a cold lead then?? A cold lead is someone that ha not yet showed a interest in what you are promoting and someone you have not talked to previously. They may not have heard about your product and business opportunity before or  not being aware of the benefits with those products or biz ops. When we  are working on cold leads this process is like we are attempting to make strangers in to friends. Working with cold leads can however mean hard work fro you, that is true anyway if you do not have the  needed knowledge how to turn thise cold leads into interested buyers….

Summary to what is a warm lead and cold lead

  • A warm lead is someone you have talked to previously and that have showned a interest in what you have to offer.
  • A warm lead is someone who have started to follow you at different social media sites and may have attended a webinar hosted by you.
  • A cold lead is like picking someone to talk to randomly that you do not know and/or haven’t talked to before.
  • A cold lead is like a stranger to you and the warm lead is someone that you are friends with more or less.
  • Working with cold leads may include very hard work to generate results from.

I hope you will benefit from this blog post and that you have learned more about warm and cold leads. If you are interested in learning more about turning cold leads into warm leads, then feel free to subscribe to my free newsletter at this blog.


Tommy Olsson

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Definition of upselling and downselling, what does it mean?

Definition of upselling and downselling.

That is what I will give you in this blog post. Maybe you have heard the term upselling or upsales,but you are not really sure about the true meanings of these words?

Well, I will explain the concept of upselling,so just keep reading to learn the definition of upselling…

Upselling is of course a part of online marketing but upselling is common in other fields as well in our society such as for instance restaurants or car selling businesses just to mention a few… Besides this, what does upselling involve?

The definition of upselling involves when a marketer or another sales person tries to motivate the prospect to buy more expesnive or additional items from them. This selling method can involve motivating the prospects to invest in some upgrade or add -ons to a product, The goal by doing this is of course to make as much money as possible, that is the idea and concept of an upsell. But this does not have to be the whole purpose of the upsell, the upsell can also offer insight to features or products that the buyer wouldn’t found out about otherwise as well.

The money and the benefits

So regarding the definiton of upselling; it is not just about money and making the sale,its is about sharing news about products that the prospect might be interested in as well. The upsell may incluide benefits for the prospect/buyer a sthey might get a lower price offered to them for the upsell, for a limited period of time. Using the methods of upselling can  also mean that the seller want to motivate the prospect or buyer to buy more then they originally had planned to do. This by showing the buyer the value of the products.

Definition of upselling

The down sell…

When you are making a down- sell you offer a cheaper product to a prospect that have for instance turned down a previous offer  regarding another of the products you are selling. It is usual to have a pop-up message appear when they try to close down the sale page of that more expensive product, and then they receive an offer to buy that other cheaper product. This is to downsell…. So make use of the downsell becuase this helps you to earn some more money even if the visitors to your offers turns down your first offer… So performing the upsell and downsell is of course about making as much money as possible on each sale, by sharing a lot of value of our products…

As we as online marketers should build our income effectively, then we really should apply these tchniques of upselling and downselling.

I hope you have found my explanation about the definiton of upselling an down-selling  valuable, to  help you understand these two  marketing and selling methods. if you are would appreciate free marketing tips to be able to close more sales, then feel free to subscribe to my newsletter at this blog, thank you.


Tommy Olsson

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How do you make money online?

How do you make money online?

I think that this is a question that many people ask themselves, everyone from beginner to struggling online marketer. People that maybe are frustrated because of lack of results in their marketing efforts. When everything feels like it is all the time is about an uphill battle, then it is easy to feel that online marketing is so very difficult.

In this feeling of frustration and desperation it’s easy to question your own ability as a marketer and also ask yourself; “how do you make money online?” Have you ever asked yourself that? It is nothing to feel embarrased about, you are not alone…

Many people decide to quit because of constant struggling, but do not quit because youre big breakthrough can be just around the corner! You will never know that if you quit… Speaking of struggling marketers I decided to write this blog post to share my positive experience of a system I have recently joined. It is called the Web Wealth System. This  system is owned by Terry Duff a trustworthy  and successful leader in this industry.

How do you make money online

How do you make money online


What does it do?

So how good is this system and what can it do for you? How do you make money online  with it? Well it can do a lot for you but it will not fo anything if you do not put in the work yourself. But what The Web Wealth System will do for you is something I will explain if you keep on reading… It will help you to learn how to become a recruiting machine. Sounds unrealistic? Well it is not…  You will earn 100% on all the products within the system; you keep all the money. You can sign up for free as an afiliate to a ton of great products. This system is created that way that regardless of your experience,no matter if you are a beginner or more experienced marketer, you can really make  money with this system. I love the results I have generated with the help of it. This system will help you build your list faster.

Done for you…

How do you make money online with the Web wealth system? Well, this is a done for you system,that means that making money will propably get easier for you then it might have been in the past. However there are no garantees, but that is the way things work with any program. However chances are that you will start to receive your first commissions soon. If you can copy and paste then you can succeed with this system. I am not saying that you will become a millionaire by applying the triaing within this system,but it can bring you apositive experience in form of the results it may bring you. It is a easy system to set up and if you are willing to learn then you can be making commissions with this program pretty soon.

A top tier

This system is a top tier commission program that pays out $1,500.00, $3,500.00 And $6,000.00 Commissions Over And Over Again. We receive great support in the systems facebook group as well, to help everyone involved to be moving forward.

If you are interested in getting even more information about the Web Wealth system, then click here now. When you subscribe on that page i will share all the information you need to know how to get started fast with this system. You are also able to receive 2 bonus gifts from me. When you have plugged into it you no longer have to ask yourself. how do you make money online.

To your success,

Tommy Olsson

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Increase conversion by testing and tweaking

Increase conversion and conversion rates, that is what we all want as online marketers.

You simply need to test and tweak pretty much everything you do in your marketing work. If you do not, well then you pretty much are counting on luck and chance.  There are no such thing as luck and chance when we are talking about being successful within online marketing and to increase conversion.

So if you counting on luck, well the you need to reconsider your choices for the sake of your marketing performance, because you are just wasting your time and money.


Maybe you are wondering about the meaning of tweaking? When you are tweaking something you change something and adjust it, in other words; you are hopefully improving that particular item.

What to test

Capture pages, The background images as well as the text at your opt in form on your capture pages should be tested to see what produces the most conversions. The colors of your text also matters. If you do not have a tracking tool then you need to get one as soon as possible, to be able to increase conversion rates for your offers..
That is if you want to build your income effectively and really increase conversion. Because if you don’t use a tracking tool then you are like a blind person out there  on the internet.

Thank you pages, You need to test and tweak your text and image designs at your thank you pages as well. Once again, this is for the benefit of your conversion rates. This to create a good or even great thank you page.

Increase conversion

What else?

Other things that you need to track and maybe tweak is text ads, banner ads, youtube videos, ad copies for emailing, yeah you name it…


Not only should you track your ads but also the different resources that you are using to promote your offers. You need to do this to find out what resources are generating good and great results for your conversion rate and for the sake of your online earnings as well.


We want as much eye balls on our content as possible, but it is never a good idea to just count on luck or chance regarding this and send out our ads randomly to a ton of resources.. This will not do anything good when we aim to increase conversion for our product or service. we need to get quality traffic for what ever we are promoting. That is why we constantly need to track and tweak our advertisements. This is because we want to build our income and business effectively and not to waste our time and money on low producing resources.  To step it up in our business and getting to the next level, we simply need to be testing and tweaking a lot. By doing this we will be becoming better marketers.

If you want free tips about how to increase conversion rates and other marketing strategies, then feel free to subscribe to my newsletter at this blog. you can find the opt in form to the right.


Tommy Olsson

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Thank you pages and its benefits

Thank you pages .

Todays blog post will be focusing on thank you pages and what you can achieve by setting up a good or even great thank you page.

Thank you pages has more then just the function of saying thank you to the subscriber for signing up to your list and this way making them feel appreciated. So  I will explain what I am getting at if you just keep on reading…  We want to create a good impression with our subscribers right from the start, and saying thank you to them for showing interest in what we have to offer is really just good manors. However there are also more benefits wthen this with thank you pages, you can actually, without coming out as pitchy, make your subscribers a valuable offer to a service or product you are promoting on your thank you pages. How that works is what I will explain further for you now…


You should use scarcity on your thank you pages to make the subscriber to take action on your offer, but  again,it is really important to not come out as to pitchy or even desperate of making the sale… One way to ue scarcity on your thank you page (without lying), is to make the reader/subscriber aware of the fact that your offer will not be for that same low price forever,and you must motivate the subscriber to take action right at this moment so that they will not liose out on your offer.. Make it clear why the reader /subscriber needs your product or service, and why they need to take action on your offer, right now. Another way to make benefit of using scarcity  is to include a countdown timer at your thank you page

Thank you pages

Free stuff

You should not just share your offer on your thank you pages,you should give away some products for free to them to make your subscribers even more eager and interested to so to say grab your offer,and take action on that. you coudl give away ebooks for free that you have written or other  marketers ebooks that you are allowed to give away. The offer you are sharing on your thank you pages can even be something that you will share value about through your autoresponder follow up series. Using thank you pages this way simply provides a way for you to make more sales and make them faster by sharing those  valuable offers that you  provide at yout thank you pages. Make sure to add your picture and maybe your background story to make the subscribers get to know you better, share your past experiences in online marketing. Share your experiences with the products you are offering at your thank you page.

How to…

Make sure to make it totally clear for your subscribers how they can access your offer through your thank you page, make it as easy and understandable for them as possible.

I hope this blog post has made it clear to why you should take hold of the benefits with using thank you pages. thanks for reading 🙂

Tommy Olsson

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