First page ranking , do you want that for your blog?

First page ranking,

to have that for our blog is something we all wouldn’t mind having , right?

People especially desires to have that first page ranking on the Google search engine. That is because it is one of the most used well known and trusted search engines online.

Do you really?

But do you have to spend thousands of dollars to make that first page ranking and even to rank your blog at the first position at Google? No.not really and I will, explain to you First page rankingshortly why that is… Yes if you want really fast  and high rankings for your blog, then yes investing a little money sometimes can be a good idea.

Do it the free way…

However, I know ecrets methods that I have used for years to be able to rank my blog posts really high, as high as getting first page ranking for my posts. These methods and strategies ranks anyones content very fast as well. So if you do not want to spend a lot of money on seo services, then I have something for you today that I think you will enjoy…. Search engine optimization isn’t that hard, once you get the hang of it, believe it or not.

My first digital product

You see I recently launched my first digital product and it is called the Ultimate

Blogging Blueprint at So now you are able to get your hands on all my secrets and startegies regarding ranking blogs and blog posts fast, through my product.

You can check out the splash video page I have for my sales page below if you feel like it…


Anyhow this product is very cheap to buy and it comes with a  30 day money back guarantee. but the price is going up with every sale.

So move fast over here, if you want to save money. As it comes witha 30 days money guarante,you will not loose any money either.

So check it out and decide if you want to have that first page ranking,

with the help of the Utlimate Blogging Blue print.


Tommy Olsson.

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Warriorplus, what is warriorplus?

Warriorplus, are you using it? Do you know what it is about?

I am using it myself sometimes,so I thought I should share with you

the benefits  and features with warriorplus now.

You can access this site that I’m blogging about now at

This site reminds a bit of jv zoo and such sites where afiliates can find free products to promote,once they have signed up for a free account.

Becoming a vendor…

At these sites like warriorplus, you are also able to sell your products as a vendor. It is quite easy to set up your products at warriorplus. You are able to setup auto-delivery and sales funnels within this site. Warriorplus has vendors with products in pretty much any Warriorplusniche, so there are a lot of different products to choose from. Of course, besides promoting different products you can of course buy products, if you are looking for a particular product. I have blogged about product creation before and the value of it, and warriorplus is a great place to market and sell your products at. Once your products are approved within this site you have the opportunity to promote your product within warriorplus. Or if you do not want to pay for advertising you can set your product up, and affiliates and buyers will find your product by searching within the keywords you have put in for your product. Investing in advertsisement  gets faster results but you do not have to pay for these ads, if you should feel like you can not afford it right there and then.

Making more money with your product…

WarriorplusIf you have a affiliate program for your product that willl actually help you greatly to make more money. Sure the affiliates will gets paid a certan % on every sale, but then you do not have to pay for so much paid traffic etc, if you don’t feel like it. Having affiliates promoting your product is a very smart and effective ways to make more money online. There are new products being launched quite offten at warriorplus and it’s quite interesting to check out the differents products there.

Get notified

You are able to receive instant notifications via email and RSS, on the latest products that contain certain keywords and are posted by certain Vendors. You have also the option to follow certain vendors that  you think have interesting good products. You are also able to search on warriorplus by  vendor, keywords, and more…

Deal of the day

Deal of the day means a beneficial low prize for a particular product. However the deal of the day is only available for 24 hours.So there you have it a “basic guide” about what warriorplus provides. If you need any marketingtips, you are welcome to sign up for my newsletter to the right on this blog.


All the best,

Tommy Olsson.

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Why use buffer in your marketing?

Why use buffer?

Have you heard about buffer? Are you aware of its features and what it can do for your online business,making your marketing easier? If you keep reading I will explain this to you.

So,why use buffer in your daily marketing efforts?

To begin with, what is buffer?

So let me get start to explain why use buffer is a good idea. Buffer is a tool to help you manage your marketing and branding at different social media sites. Buffer will help you to generate more traffic, build your group of fans and followers as well as helping you Why use buffersaving time in your marketing. Buffer is available on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+. You will save time using buffer when you schedule your posts to be sent of later,so you do not have to post every post manually, one at the time. What buffer also helps you with is making it so that you get out as much as possible of each of your posts…

Plenty of features.

You are able to choose what social networks you want your posts to go out to, this means that you can post to all your social networks at once. You can post the same message to all of your social networks, or you can add context and customize each post. You can share  beautiful pictures and upload your videos to buffer to share them on your chosen social networks. You can send out different images but with the same text to different social networks. With a resource at buffer called Pablo you can quickly create beautiful images as well. Buffer also makes sure that your posts are posted at the best possible time during the day. Buffer has a big support team to make sure that everything runs smoothly for their members.  You can use buffer for individual purposes or for your business. You are able to sign up for free at

Add content with the help of your web browser…

As you are browsing through the internet and discover things you want to share, you can

Why use buffer

Why use buffer

do so by using the mobile apps and browser extentions provided by Buffer. You are able to use the mobile apps on IOS and on Android. So there are  a lot of benefits with Buffer and reasons to why use buffer…

Other resources.

There are a lot of other apps and extras that you can use to get even more out of Buffer.

You can have a look at all those apps and extras here.

The different price packages

Buffer has these different prices for their packages;

  • Free
  • $10
  • $99
  • $199
  • $399

To see a detailed description of all price packages, click here…  Hopefully now you have learned about the benefits to why use buffer, so that you will be able to decide if you want to get started with this tool or not.

Tommy Olsson

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How to not overthink things in life

How to not overthink things.

I think that we all sometimes over complicating things,
and that can stop us from achieving what we wantt in life. So how “should” we be
thinking instead ?

Well I will be sharing with you my opinions about
how to not overthink things in life now.

No need to over complicating it

By overthinking any isuses we might come across when we are working to rwards our goals, we might get nervous and start to question if we really can achieve what we planned to How to not overthink thingsachieve. We might even start to considering to give up on our goals totally. Overcmplicating thing will just be like a roadblock on your path towards success in anything you are doing.Overthinking things will just complicate things for you,then you night feel that your goals are way to difficult to reach. Instead think positive and vizualize yourself as a winner and how much suscess you are having when having reached your goals.Put your foot down and tell yourself that you will do this,you will do this NOW, no matter what! That kind of focus and determination is what it takes to make goals and dreams a reality… So don’t hold back, let nothing hold you back and just go for it. Because worrying will not add anything positive into your journey of reaching those goals of yours.

Fears and success…

If you are overthinking things because of issues with coming out of your comfort zone,then you need to work on that. To be successful you have to leave fears and comfortzones behind. So challenge your fears and come out of your comfort zone more How to not overthink thingsand more on a daily basis. The more you are coming out of that comfortzone the easier it will feel… Nothing changes in fact, unless you decide to change. That is the truth about how to not overthink things. So let’s sum up now a few pointers about how to not overthink things in life;


  • Do not overthink things, that will just get you worried and start doubting yourself
  • Overthinking things may lead to you giving up on your goals
  • Do not overthink just plan and make it happen,
  • If you have issues with fears then work on them daily.
  • The more you are coming out of your comfortzone the more results you will be experiencing .

To receive marketing tips to benefit your income building online, feel free to subscribe to my free newsletter at this blog, thank you.



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24 hour income machine review

What is 24 hour income machine?

The 24 hour cash machine is a product that recently have been launched, the people behind this product is
Anji Long and Ben Martin.

Anji Long and Ben Martin are my mentors and I really have learned a lot from them about marketing, and making money online. So their lates product is the 24 hour income machine.

A lot of people are struggling online to make any money what so ever. That is something that this product, the 24 hour income machine is providing a solution for.

Make money on new trends

24 hour income machineThis product are available to buy for  $4.95, but the price is going up with every sale. So the sooner someone decides to take action on 24 hour income machine, the less of a expense they will have. So what will this product teach you? It will teach you how to successfully creat and launch your own product based on new trends,in other words,you’ll be creating a product that is in high demand depending on what the masses are interested in knowing more about. Once you have created and launched your own 24 hour income machine you will be start earning money from it within 24 hours or less. people who take action fast will recieve $297 In FREE Bonuses.  This product also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee,so if you don’t like the product, all you have to do is to email support and you will get a refund. This way you are not loosing any money…

It’s a bargain…

Trainings such as this can come with a  much more expensive price tag believe me, so Anji and Ben really over delivers in this product. I have seen other product creating trainings that sells for thousands of dollars,so this new product is really a catch to get your hands on. I have bought the product my self and are really impressed by what I have learned through the trianing. You can click here to see a video presentation about the 24 hour income amchine,and if you like what you see there that scrooll down that page,and buy it….

Because if you are frustrated about your level of earnings, I believe that this product will make a big difference for you. And like I mentioned before,it comes with a 30 day monney back guarantee. So grab it here.

Thank you for reading,


Tommy Olsson.

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Secret loopholes and tricks, do they work?

Secret loopholes as well as tricks

are used pretty often on capture pages by marketers, to make people curious as well as making them fill in the form  on these capture pages to build their list of subscribers…

Are they getting rich by using them?

I am not writing this blog post to bash any online marketers or any online business, I am writing about this subject because I want to share my view about these secret loopholes and tricks. I understand that we as marketers need to have capture pages that converts well, and I understand that  marketers are using these so called  secret loopholes and tricks to get more subscribers. But does these secret loopholes and tricks really exist? Do they generate more money for those people that applies these secret loopholes tactics? Are they making these people richer? The idea behind these secret loopholes and tricks is that the message that is on these capture pages claims that only a small group of people are aware of these loopholes. So the message on these capture pages is that they want you to get in on that knowledge as well. But that concept is a bit of a smoke screen.

How I see it…

To me these secret loopholes and secret tricks does not really exist. To make any marketer online successful they need to get in on marketing training that really works and produces Secret loopholesresults. I suppose good marketing strategies in som degree could be called a smart trick or something like that. But there are no quick fix to quickly becoming rich. You need to learn the necessary skills to take your online business to the next level. Be patient,work hard and keep learning new skills. That is what it is all about if you want to be a really successful online marketer and entrepreneur… I can understand that people wants success as soon as possible, but the fact is that a quick fix a fast solution,well those doesn’t exist. When marketers are using capture pages that claims to have this secret loophole or trick, well in fact they could be promoting a system or marketing training  that really helps people to make more money. But to me these loopholes or tricks that only a few are aware of,to me they don’t really exist. It is just a question of begginning to learn proper marketing skills and keep on learning .every day…

What it requires

To becoming successful it takes the will to learn , dedication, maintaining a positive mindset , surrounding yourself with successful people and having a good mentor to succeed in this industry of marketing. What it does not includes is some magical formula or a smart trick or any secret loophole. So find a good training and do not be afraid to even pay for it,and it will probably help you to make more money online. As i wrote yesterday on this blog, to invest in your business is to invest in your self and your future success. If you want to access free marketing tips, sign up for my newsletter at this blog


Tommy Olsson.

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Struggling to make money, how to stop struggling

Struggling to make money,

and struggling to make money online, is something that many marketers are doing unfortunally.

“Everyone are making money but me”.

So today I will be sharing my best advice when it comes to how to get out of this bad situation, how to stop struggling to make money. When someone sre struggling to make money in their business and they haven’t maintained their positive mindset, it is easy to be all negative and doubt yourself. Then it is also easy to think that Struggling to make money“everyone makes money online but me”. However this is a belief that has nothing to do with the reality or the truth. Maybe it is easy to think that it is just you that is not
successful online and in your business,and sometimes people can get irritated because of envy when other more successful marketers are posting their income proofs for instance on facebook.

That mindset…

But there is no need for envy, if we feel envy in this kind of siuation,then we need to work on our mindset. These negative thoughts can appear when we have not taken the time to read books or listening to audios to make sure we have that positive mindset. I know I have blogged about mindset a lot before, but it is really important to maintain that mindset of ours. Otherwise it is easy to become frustrated and even bitter when we are going through hard times in our marketing efforts and are having a lack of results. That is why reading books daily is so valuable and necessary, to keep ourselves on the right track with positive thinking.

Others and you…

As I have written in another blog post,do not compare yourself with someone else,because it will do nothing good for your self esteeand self image. If you are comparing yourelf to some top marketer,well know then that they may have done marketing for much longer Struggling to make moneythen you,therefore they have come a longer distance on their marketing journey.  Focus on your results and not someone elses… If you focus to much on other marketers success then you might have to wait a long time before you have your big breakthrough. so comparing yourself with others will not bring you any greater results then before. Just work on yourelf and be who you are.

Investing in your business means investing in yourself

To step it up to the next level, taking your business to another level, we sometimes needs to invest in marketing trainings. If you want to be really successful online through online marketing, you really need to be willling to invest in products that will make you a better marketer. Because by doing so you will be investing in yourself as well. So we need to sometimes spend money to make money…

Should you need any more marketing advice ,then feel free to subscribe to my newsletter at this blog. You can find the opt in form to it on the right side.


Tommy Olsson.

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Pokemon phenomenon and making money

Pokemon phenomenon.

Pokemon seems to have become a phenomenon.

This pokemon phenomenon, why is it taking place?

I mean people  in different ages seems to going on a craze about the new Pokemon game, called Pokemon Go… I must admit,I have never played this game, not ever but it must be something great about it when so many people seem to really love it.

I guess it must be a well done game that is fun to play and exciting,because otherwise millions of people wouldn’t be downloading the app for it. Pokemon is available on smartphones through an app people can download as you probably already know. Those people that are behind this pokemon phenomenon, must be making a ton of money!

Getting a break

As a online marketer I have this mindset that playing games, well I do not want to put into a lot of time into those kind of activities to not say no time at all, such as playing games. However I can understand that we all need a break from the daily routines sometimes, and maybe that is why so many people are playing Pokemon go now. To get away from the usual stuff they deal with in a normal working day. Pokemon have been around for a quite some time but it seems like now, people are more excited then ever about this pokemon phenomenon.

Cashing in…

Some people also have realized that there are ways to cash in this new movement,so to coverpokemonspeak. Yes some marketers are creating ebooks to help the dedicated Pokemon players understand the game and teaching them new tricks and strategies through their ebooks. Some of the marketers has even afiliate programs that pays out 100% commission on all sales, Like the afiliate program I recently joined with Ben Martin. Yes Ben and his girlfriend Anji Long has created this great ebook and have come up with a strategy about how people can cash in on this pokemon phenomenon that is taking place now. And to a low cost as well. if you are involved with marketing you can use the ebook as a lead magnet to build your list,or you could just sell it on ebay and Fiverr and many other websites. This way you can build a side income.

OR if you just want to get in on the strategies to play Pokemon Go you can do so of course as well. In any case you can do so by clicking here.

Best of luck with your marketing and playing Pokemon Go.



Tommy Olsson.

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How to make more sales in your business

How to make more sales.

How to make more sales in your business online.

When it comes to how to make more sales and money online,

what it all comes done to is really one word. What that word is…

is value.

The power of value…

How to make more sales? The proven methods for online entrepreneurs to make more sales, are as simple as  sharing qualitty value daily with their audience. But more specific, what does this mean?

You need to share value through blogging ,videos articles audio recordings, yes in any way you can.  Share your story with your audience,share your thoughts about different things within online marketing, that you have noticed. Teach them what you know, if they are looking for a solution in their marketing, then provide that solution to them. Be their personal problem solver, be the one that they turn to for answers.

A servants heart

How to make more salesThis sharing of value is nothing you can do just one time , or only once a week… You need to share value daily, or almost daily at least. As you probably have heard many times; consictency is key. Do not expect to geta ton of leads or sign ups just by doing this for a couple of days. Keep doing it and you will see results. 6 figure earners are using this tactic, so why shouldn’t you? Apply what other succesful marketers do if you want to make more sales. And the methods I have shared now and will continue to share if you keep on reading, will really lead to something good for you and your business.

You know more then you think

There are a lot of people out there that doesn’t have the knowledge about marketing that you do, so by sharing your knowledge that is how to make more sales. by being a trustworthy person  and a leader. These people that are looking for answers to how they can succeed and make more money online, will turn to you for help. So giving will make your audience give back to you in the future, in shape of sales… Be like a servant, help people out. There is no big secret that helping other people to succeed makes you achieve more success in business as well. So keep learning and share what you know, to enrichen and helping others.  We need to share that value without being to salesly. Being to salesly will only make people avoiding you. That is certainly not something that we  want to happen…  Being  online entrepreneurs like we are, means that we have chosen the career of a servant ,a career of a problem solver and a trustworthy friend. So keep sharing quality content, be concistent, do it no matter what and never give up!

If  you would be interested in receiving more free tips about making money online, sign up for my newsletter at this blog.



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Is it a scam? Find out why it is not

Is it a scam?

This is something that I have noticed quite a lot online lately.

In  some of the cases it is so wrong to ask about a certain business, “is it a scam?”

Although there is a lot of scams online of various types and we all have to be careful what businesses we promote, there are situations where you really shouldn’t be asking yourself if this or that mlm business is a scam.

I will tell you now why that is. In some of the situations that I have seen online then some people start to asking and question “is it a scam” regarding a certain online business, just becaue they have not made any money with it. This is really unlogical…. Just because you haven’t made any commissiona in a specific business, doesn’t mean it is something scammy about it. Have you applied the training you probably  have received through that business backoofice? Have you been concistent in your marketing. have you made your best effort and worked really hard to generate leads and sales?

Taking responsibility

Is it a scamWe online marketers must take responsibilty for our own success online, no one else can take that responsibility for you! Because of frustration and lack of results I can understand that sometimes people comes to the wrong conclusions about different businesses, and asking them selves “ Is it a scam?” But when it comes down do it,it  is up to you if you are going to be successful or not,so therefore you need to take responsibility for your results or lack of results.

Finding answers…

Sure, your sponsor should help you, but sometimes if she or he isn’t available you need to find answers to your questions else where.The Google search engine have answers to most Is it a scamof the questions, although you must make sure that you are trusting that marketer on that website where you have discovered that information that you are going to use. Regardless, Google is full of information to benefit from. Now talking about Google, if you suspect that a mlm business or such in fact is a scam, then you can find out by visiting scam warning  sites, where they post businesses that are reported there as suspicious or a scam. Other scams then in mlm or online marketing are also posted on these sites. There are so many types of scams out there…

A few of websites that warns about scams follows;


  • We need to do a thorough research before we can call a business a scam
  • Do not call a online business a scam because you are lacking results and not are making any money..
  • We neeed to take responsibility for our business and success,and do what ever it takes to move forward.

If you would be interested in free advice when it comes how to build a income from home online, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter at this blog.


Tommy Olsson.

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