Chase for money, there’s no need to chase for money

Chase for money,

Running a chase for money that is something that I think pretty many marketers sometimes are doing.

Are you desperate for results and making some sales? Does it feel like what ever you do you just can’t make people join your business or buy your products? The truth is, you do not need to chase for money in this desperate manor. In fact you can make the potential propects come to you instead. Wouldn’t that be great? Well, you can make that happen…

How to make it happen…

So how is it done? How do you draw people to yourself as a magnet? Simply by sharing value through quality content… Share value in everything that you do through soical media Chase for moneyplatforms ,through your blog ,through your videos and so on. This is not something new, this is a tactic that has proven to work for so many online marketers, and have brought them huge success. But you have to be concistent with sharing that value, it takes focus and patience but yes, it works… So do not act desperate and chase people  and being almost  in a state of panic of that you have to make a sale soon. Instead focus on sharing  a ton of value in different shapes and forms, and I am sure you’ll soon notice results showing up for you in your business. Because if you keep chasing money, you are risking to be in chase for money forever.

You will not become rich over night…

Do not expect to get a ton of sales within your first day of applying this sharing of value, as I just wrote, you need to be patient and keep sharing that quality content with your audience. It doesn’t work to be pitchy with people you come across in order to make them join you in business. This so called strategy is something that you must avoid doing to all cost…. Because people will do business with people they like, know and trust. That is what you can achieve if you keep sharing value with your audience. So what is that value about? Well teach your raeders and viewers something that will benefit and help them to make more money online. Share strategies that you have learned through  out your time that you been involved with online marketing…at no charge. If you believe that you do not have any value to share with your audience and nothing to teach them, then I think you are wrong. I bet you know something about online marketing that other people do not…When your audience like ,know and trust you then making money will get so much easier for you then before. So when you give something in form of value like this, you get something in return,you get leads and you get sign ups and costumers. This is much more effective then to be in chase for money.

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Tommy Olsson

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List building profits, how to profit from your list

List building profits.

Do you have troubles with making money with your list of subscribers?

I don’t think you are alone, because it is one thing to have a list or a big list even, but many marketers I believe are struggling with making money through their list building profits efforts.

What you need to be doing in order to make any list building profits at all, is to build a good relationship with your subscribers. Share your story,you backgrounbd regarding your marketing success with your list. This way they can get an “aha-moment” when they recognize something in your story that they recognize about themselves. This way they are able to realizre that there struggle will not last forever, because as you are successful they can become more successful.

More about story telling

Use story telling in your follow up emails and broadcasts to your list. I am sure you have heard that people love storiies, and they do! Be entertaining,mke them smile when reading your emails. be different…be unique. But make sure to never bore them.

Value vs selling

We all are aware of the importance of sharing value I believe. However you can’t just only keep sharing value forever either, sooner or later a pitch must take place. Because we are in the profession of selling, and as a professional online marketer you really shouldn’t have a fear of selling. If you want to increase your list building profits, then you need to be ready to sell… You need to share information about tools or services that you are using that have provided results for you in your business. By doing this you are able to be List building profitsmaking sales for these tools and services. You could also do tutorials about these tools and services and share with your audience at your blog. This can also generate sales for you. So there needs to be a balance between giving value and selling… Sharing value is something positive and great but you must get to the selling partt as well, to make more money online. Do not feel embarrased by selling, selling is not something ugly or bad. You should be feeling comfortable with selling because thats  the trade we are in.,.. and that is the only way to step it up in our list building profits efforts. If you do not like  to sell then you need to reconsider or change profession. I do not mean to be harsch but it is just the truth… Becaue if you are offering products that will help your subscribers to make more money, instead of feeling quilty about selling, you should feel proud. Done the right way your costumers will be grateful for you selling to them even. But do not be too pitchy either.

If they ask for it. give it

You need to act as your lists problem solver, if they  have problems in their money making efforts, provide them with a solution when they ask for one… Be that person they turn to for help. Be the person that has answers to their questions and problems…

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Money lies, would you lie to make more money?

Money lies.

Money lies and marketing lies occurs every now and then within online marketing.

At least that is my opinion. People  are using these money lies as shortcuts for more and faster success. But it is really worth it to use money lies, and would you use money lies to make more money online?

Money liesI wouldn’t and I am going to explain now why that is… I believe it is better to always be truthful as much as possible, it’s best in the long run. When you do not lie you do not have to remember what you have told people, what lies you have told them. And we do not want to be known as liars, do we?

Trust issues

Because if you lie to your down line about the kind of money you are mking and exaggerating that, when they find out the truth, then what will you do? Then your reputation may be danmaged for good, and people will no longer trust you. One bad decision and you could ruin your reputation totally. A good reputation can take quite some time to build up, but can be ruined in an instant… As marketers we do not want this to happen of course . Starting from zero again to build your reputation up…well that may take quite some time and it will take a long time before people forget about your lies, if ever.  So do not use lies to build your wealth, it is simply just not worth it. Using money lies to attract people to your online business, well that is not a marketing strategy I would ever use…not when it is a pure lie. Such a so called shortcut to wealth is a big no-no simply… To choose to not Money liesuse lies shows people that you are a genuin etichal person,someone that they want to do business with. That is the kind of reputation we want as entrepreneurs.  Getting impatient due to lack of results is one thing but stay away from bad choices such as these money lies… Because the damage that they create can be really hard to fix later on.

Get liked for who you are

When you are honest and real and down to earth people will like and even love you for that. They will appreciate you for your honesty and staright  forwardness… This is a lot smarter marketing strategy to use, then to use those money lies indeed.  So do not fall for the temption of using lies, because you will be regretting it for a very long time afterwards.

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What is Busker and how can it benefit you?

What is Busker?

Don’t you know? Well in that case I will give youa detailed explanation of Busker,

if you keep on reading…  So… What is Busker?

What I am getting at is the Busker app that you can download for free to your smart phone. Yes it is a free app for live streaming of video broadcasts. Busker is relly beneficial when ti comes to branding and making you more money as well. Are you familiar with the Periscope app or facebook live? Ok great those apps are similar to Busker, but I have found out that Busker has other advantages as well that facebook live and Periscope do not have…

How come?

Because after setting your busker profile up and filling out your Bio and so on, then it’s time to generate those leads and getting paid. The advantages with the Busker app is that you  are able to get paid directly to your paypal account by sharing value, which is something you should do daily anyway as a marketer. Because your audience has the option to just like your content or donate/pay any amount of money that they feel like the value that you have been sharing ,are worth to them.

How does this work?

Well ,during your hangouts/”busks” the people that are viewing your broad cast will see a button they can click to be able to pay you. This is not about begging for money ,you do not have to say anyhting about you getting paid, the button will appear and if your audience What is buskerdecides to pay you or not,well that is of course up to them. But what is Busker  and the benefits with this app more then what I have mentioned?  Well in your bio you can motivate your viewers/audience  to connect  with you in different ways, and you can also of course put up a link to a capture page there in your bio decription. Do you realize now how awsome this Busker app is now? Imagine if you get started today,imagine the kind of following you can create with a free app like this?

Schedule it…

You can schedule your “busks” to ny time and day you choose and your hangouts/busks will be available as replays as long as you do not delete them yourself. Besides making money Busker is a great place to get connected with different people all around the world and learn more about them. If you have a iphone like me you just go to the app store and search for Busker, and then download this app. Then get started… You can set up your Busker through Facebook or Twitter and connect with those people that you are already connected with at different social platforms.

So by now I hope you have a good overview of busker through reading this post where I have tried to do my best to answer the question, what is Busker…

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Periscope for business,how to make the most out of Periscope

Have you heard about Periscope?
Do you know how to use Periscope for business?

If not, then by reading this blog post you will find out
how to make the most out of Periscope for business.

An explanation of Periscope

To beging with, Periscope is an app owned by Twitter that you can download to your smartphone. Through this app you can record streamed videos for free to brand yourself as an authority in your niche, so that you will be able to generate more leads and build your business further. This app is available on  iOS and Android smart phones. When you are using Periscope for business you are making it easy for your audience to get to know you better a s well as getting your message going really viral… However you have the option to set your “scopes” as private or public.

Make them an offer…

You could offer discounted offers that will only be available for your periscope followers. You could share your knowledge about different areas of marketing and also share tutorials at periscope. So there are several ways that you can use Periscope for business… You could mention your blogs url in your live streamings hangouts to drive free traffic to your blog for instance. You could give your audience advice through your hangouts and of course answer any questions that they might have. This also helps you to build your brand as a leader… If you are creating products,then you coulkd announce a new launch to your audience at Periscope,so that you create excitement for your product launch, through explaining how your product works and the benefits with buying it.

Periscope for business



You can share trainings with your downline at periscope as well and answer all their questions about issues they may have in their marketing. You can set up your periscope hangout as a replay as well ,so that your content will be able online even if you have ended the hangout. So periscope makes it possible for people all around the globe to view your hangouts, even if they are not able to attend it live. By using live streaming through Periscope your downline can get a direct answer. You can do a Periscope live video anywhere around the world s long as you have your smartphone with you. You could do live videos when you are vacation at exotic places, to show your audience how you are enjoying your freedom that you have created through your business. This is another way to get more exposure and getting more people interested in what you have to offer. So periscope is really valuable and I would recommend any  online marketer to start using Periscope for business.

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Tommy Olsson

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Making 6 figures, is that even possible?

Making 6 figures,
from time to time you can hear from people

how they want to be making 6 figures online.

and there are of course people that really are making 6 figures.

But when you aim to in the future making 6 figure, what should you think about?
What steps do you need to take? First off . I fou are new to online marketing then you need to et a smaller goal first, a  short term goal that would be more realistic based on where Making 6 figuresyou are now in your marketing development. I am not saying that you can not make 6 figures in the future but you need to set shrot term goals as well as long term goals. However, do not make your short term goal TO small either. It should be a goal that you feel really motivated to reach. If you are going to be making 6 figures, well that doesn’t happen over night and it demands really hard work. It also require that you learn more effective marketing skills from someone that already are making that kind of money. Otherwise, how would they be able to teach you to become a 6 figure earner?

Does it make sense?

It wouldn’t make sence if someone that hasn’t got that level of success would attempt to guide you towards making 6 figures. Making 6 figures isn”t impossible, as long as you realize it will take very hard work, strong determination and focus. Because it will not happen over night. Although there are 6 figure earners online and people that even make more money then that, the majority of online marketers are not making those kind of amounts of cash. But like I just wrote, it is possible, it is possible for you if you think and believe that it is! A persons self belief plays a big role when someone becomes really successful, so that is a must. To believe in yourself… Having a 6 figure income is of course impressive and creates a lot more freedom in life, but on the other hand some very rich people I believe isn’t that happy after all. But yes, having a lot of money can improve your living standards a lot…

Important pieces towards success…

As a reflection over this fact, there are pmnety of marketers out there that are struggling to even make a few sales. But again that I believe has to do with how coachable they are and Making 6 figureshave much action they take on the advice given to them.  It also involves how good of a sponsor they have, how willing to teach that sponsor is,and the mindset of the marketer that is learning. Anyone that wants to make a solid income online must have a really strong will power and determination to change their current situation, and not quit if their marketing journey enters in a uphill battle so to speak. If you really want something and want a change,then do not quit when it gets a bit difficult…

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Tommy Olsson

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It gets better next time, or will it?

It gets better.

It gets better next time, have you ever told yourself that after jumping from program to program?

I will share my opinions regarding other approaches to take if you

think that it gets better next time, in the next business opportunity.

In the beginning of my online marketing career when I struggled hard to make any money I kind of thought that way myself, hoping that it would be easier and almost thinking to myself that it gets better soon. That wasn’t the case though… Instead I got more and more frustrated because of lack of results. Because I didn’t have enough marketijg skills to be it gets bettermaking any significant amounts of money. I jumped from one biz op to the next pretty much, with the same low  results.


There is a more effective way

If you recognize yourself doing the same thing regarding what I just wrote, then I want to share with you a better approach and strategy to getting more results in making money online. If you feel stuck in your business not knowing what to do to generate more leads and sales, and your sponsor can offer the best help regarding this, then your sponsor should ask someone who has that knowledge so that you can get an answer. If your sponsor do not do that for you then in the long term maybe you should consider finding a new sponsor. But besides that you got to find solutions to the obstacles in your path, you need to be creative and find the answers yourself. Google is a great asset when it comes to finding information about pretty much anything. Maybe you will not find out exactly what you are looking for there, but starting off doing a Google search is a good first step in search of those answers to your questions…  Another resource that you can make use of is Youtube, here you can also find a lot of value and answers to questions that you might have.

Do not wait…

I  am writing this because we all are responsible for our own success. Sure your sponsor should be there for you to give you good advice, but if he or she doesn’t do so, then you It gets better need to take action yourself. We can’t just wait for our sponsor to  connect with us after we tried to get in touch with them and sit and think that it gets better if we wait. We must move forward and find ways to move forward in our business. Waiting for things to happen is not a good idea to be able reach more success online…

I have a mastermind group at Facebook where strategies to get more results within making money online are being shared, This is not a group for promoting different biz ops, it is a group in which you can learn more  about effective ways of making money online. If you want to mastermind with me then you can click here…

I appreciate you reading this blog post and make it a great day.



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Hang in there, you can do this

Hang in there, do not quit just yet,

because your dreams are worth making a reality.

I have been in your shoes,,,

In the past  some time back I also thought about quitting,several times, but I’m glad that I didnt do so now. I’m pleased that I kept on working and decided to hang in there… One of the m,istakes I did in my pst was to ignore the fact that I needed to read books on a daily basis to maintain my mindset. I thought I would do better if I just kept on working my business anyway… But that doesn’t work,everyone must do something daily to maintain a positive mindset…

I know that many marketers at this moment even, maybe considering to quit because of struggling … And many marketers are still working towards their goals but maybe like me, Hang in therehave been thinking about quitting in the past but decided to hang in there. Anyhow, I decided to blog about this today, to inspire you to hang in there, and keep working towards the lifestyle you want to have, and not give it all up. Not give it all up just because it seems like the setbacks just jeep coming at this point. Even if it feels hopeless right now if you hang in there for a while longer, I am sure that you will be having your breakthrough in your business pretty soon.

What happens if you do?

If you quit now on your dreams, then ll the work you have put in so far will really be for nothing. If you still have a big desire to make online marketing work for you, then decide to work it! I know from my personal experience that after hard work comes the rewards and the results. As long as you have a good mentor and follow their advice then you are moving closer to your breakthrough within making money online. If you constantly more or less are having doubts about yourself ,then you should pic up that book or those books that can inspire you and motivate you. At this moment I am reading a book that I can recommend ,it is called “Awaken The Giant Within”, By Tony Robbins. By diving into this Hang in therebook you will be on the right track pretty soon I would say. If you have access to motivational audio recordings through your business for instance, then it is of course very crucial  and valuable that you listen to those audios as well. Because you can’t skip reading books or listening to such audios and fool yourself by thinking that you will make it big anyway. Even the so called gurus must maintain their positive thinking, their positive mindset. We need to keep those negative thoughts and voices away from our mind, and we are doing it by reading and listening to audios…

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How to approach prospects without being too pitchy

Today I will share with you how to approach prospects,

without being too pitchy. being too pitchy will just make people avoid you, quite the opposite compared what you want to accomplish I would say. There are good ways  regarding how to approach prospects, and there are “less good ” ways…

So let’s dive into the good ways of prospecting then…

You can not just post links into peoples faces in hope of generating that sale, that is not a effective or professional way when we talk about how to approach prospects... What it comes down to and how to approach prospects is that you need to share plenty of value with them. By keep sharing that value people will come to you instead of you desperatly chasing them.

How to approach prospectsYou need to try and find out the questions that they need answers to,and provide them with good answers and solutions. But one thing to remember is that they must request that solution first, do not try to guess what they want to know more about, and throw a made up solution in their faces so to say. Basically that  is how to approach prospects in a good way. Share value through your blog,in videos,in your articles and so on. Be that person your potential buyers and leads will turn to for advice. Once they know like and trust you then your chances of making a sales increases quite a lot.

Will it take time?

So will it take some time and some effort to make this happen through the strategies I have shared just now? Yes it will but this is what you need to do if you want to be more successful with prospecting. There are other things to know about prospecting of course such as  how to have a good conversion with your leads, but what I just explained will helpHow to approach prospect you to attract more propsects to you. If you are making excuses and saying that you do not have time for all these strategies, well then you have to make the time. Prospecting takes time,a lot of time sometimes before we get results. But if you do not do it the right way or refuse to get started with strategies that works, well then you have only yourself to blame. Then is also the question; how bad do you want it? How bad do you want success?



When having conversations with your prospects, focus on them and get to know them better. Do not talk too much,focus more on listening. Find out who they are and find out the “pain” they are dealing with. With pain I mean the issue they might have right now to make money online. Be their friend, be there for them when they need you to give them a solution to a problem they are  having. Do not be in a rush of making sales. let your prospecting take time. It takes sometimes a lot of effort on your part before some prospects of yours will takeeyou up on your offer and buys from you. You also need to act etical and not lie in your contact with your prospect. Sharing value when doing the prospcecting is also a good idea.RThen the prospects will notice that you know what you are talking about. A good offer to share with your prospects could for instance be a marketing training to help them get more results. These are my best tips when it comes to how to approach prospects…

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Tommy Olsson

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Online productivity tools,tools you need in your business

There are certain online productivity tools

that you just got to have when running a online business.

So I will share with you my advice to the necessary online productivity tools you need when you are working from home in your online business. Tools you just got to have…

Auto responder

To begin with, among the online productivity tools I will mention in this post, maybe a autoresponder is the most important one… A auto responder makes communicating with your list,compared to if you would email your list manually from your email client. Througha utoresponder you are able to automate your emails to your list, and setting them up so they will be delivered at any time and date of your choosing. There are several autoresponders that you can choose from,like Aweber, Getresponse, Mail chimp etc… The main thing though is that you are using a autoresponder in your business.


A blog is a great marketing tool and one of the online productivity tools, that comes  for a low price, that every online marketer needs. You can have your blog working for you so to say 24/7… even when you are sleeping. Through your blog you are able to brand yourself Online productivity toolsas a professional and a authroity within your niche. In a blog you also have another tool to get the word out about your business as well as your knowledge. You are able to connect with likeminded people through your blogging as well. By putting a opt in form to your newsletter at your blog, you are able to build your list further.

Capture pages

Having quality well converting capture pages is a must I would say, when it comes to listbuilding. Offering a free gift on your capture page is a good tactic to motivate people to subscribe to your newsletter. A capture page is so much more useful then just to using a standard coorporate website in your marketing, because if you use a standard corporate website you will not be able to capture/generating any leads. It is also very valuable if you have a capture page editing softaware so that you are able to tweak your capture pages, and create bonus pages/ thank you pages.


Having your own personal website with your own domain name might not be all that Online productivity toolsnecessary, however it is a great idea to set one up. This way you have another source where people can learn more about you and a personal website could also help you make more sales and build your list. This because having a personal website brings more exposure to yourself and what you are working on. For branding use your name for instance within your domain name.

So this is what I believe to be the most important online productivity tools you need when running a online business. You are welcome to sign up to my free newsletter at this blog,for free marketing tips.



Tommy Olsson

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