What is magnetic sponsoring?

What is magnetic sponsoring?

The man and inventor of this concept magnetic sponsoring  is as you maybe already know. Mike Dillard. The quote “become the hunted instead of the hunter” is linked to magnetic sponsoring, that is quite often used when magnetic sponsoring are being mentioned. Mike Dillard used to be waiting tables but now he is as you probably know,a top earner in the mlm/marketing world. But what is magnetic sponsoring more specific then?

Become the magnet

Well it is the teachings that has the intention to draw people and leads to you like a magnet. instead of you  all the time chasing possible prospects. Magnetic sponsoring is part of attraction marketing. Many online marketers has had great success when applying the magnetic sponsoring strategies into their marketing efforts, so yes it does work. It works very well when applied correctly…. Imagine when you do not have to maybe in a desperate way chase prospects, and instead have people reaching out to you? Isn’t that the perfect scenario for a marketer? I would say so. Because if you desperatly pitching every one you come across you’ll get a reputation as a annoying What is magnetic sponsoringperson, and that is not what we want,is it? Because with a reputation like that,people may just want to stay away from you. A lot of aspiring marketers are doing their marketing the wrong way. They might be pitching family and friends or anyone they pretty much get in contact with, and with a poor outcome. They seldom make any big amounts of sales that way. Several years back I was introduced to magnetic sponsoring and I also bought one of their products then, and it is really good training and it makes sense. Their teachings makes sense and was a great help for me back then as I didn’t know as much as now how to do marketing properly to get the results that I wanted.

Getting on the right track

So I would say if you are just starting out as a online marketer and maybe are feeling over whelmed, then Mike Dillards magnetic sponsoring  can get you off to a good start. What is magnetic sponsoring and why should you care? Because it will teach you how to build a online business properly and effectively. It will teach you how to generate leads and how to build up your income online. And of course, Mike Dillard have been using the same strategies that you’ll learn through the magnetic sponsoring,  to build up his big empire. So to sum this post up, what is magnetic sponsoring? It involves  great training that will teach you the right way to build your online business and help you to generate a endless stream of leads. It will teach you how to become the hunted instead of the hunter.

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No excuses if you are looking to be more successful

No excuses is what we need to be practising

if we want to be really successful as marketers and online entrepreneurs.

There maybe will come problems and obstacles in our wayon our way towards success but what we need to look for is solutions to those obstacles on not focus on the obstacles themselves. So we need to apply the “no excuses” state of mind.

You can get by the roadblocks…

A key to move forward in business or anything that you are focusing on is to find away to get around any obstacles that come our way. So no excuses just find a solution to get to the place that you are aiming for. One obstacle that online marketers may come across is the lack of money, but maybe you can sell something that you have to get in som extra cash? So that you can buy paid advertsing, marketing training, or a  marketing tool that can help you get more results in your business?  You might miss that object you have sold to get that extra cash, but don’t you think  that you will appreciate the freedom that  amount of cash can bring you, even more?

No excuses

The winning mindset

The difference between those that makes it in marketing and those who quits are the mindset. The kind of mindset they are going through and mintaining. If they have a  positive or negative one. if you have just negtive thoughts going on in your head, well then no positive events will come your way. That is how things work… So do not be all negative and maybe even blaming your sponsor just because you lack money and are struggling to get more results in your business. We need to take responsibility for our own success. To change your situation then you need to take the steps that are necessary to create that change and the change may have to start with you.  It may have to start with you because you maybe have to do something about your mindset. So no excuses…. Even if times are hard for you and it can really suck to be struggling financially, then try to find a way out. Try to find a way out so that you can turn your situation around for the better. Those who comes up with excuses to why they can’t do certain things will remain in the sitution that they are in right there and then. So if you want to create something better in life for you then what you have right now, then you need to gain and apply the mindset of “no excuses“… Because as they say, to get result you never had before you have to do something that you have never done before. So focus on solutions to problems and do not get stuck on the problems.

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New tool available for generating twitter leads

There is another way for people to generate Twitter leads.

A new software has launched that will mean  lot to a lot of marketers when it comes to twitter leads generation. We all need new leads constntly and this tool will help us with that.

Twitter is the fastest growing social network so now you will be able to cash in on this platform.

Getting into the automation…

This new software has just lunched at warriorplus.com and it is called Bluebird traffic machine. I have bought it myself to be able to generate more of those twitter leads, so I thought it was a good idea to write this blog post about this new software… With this tool you can put your twitter leads generation on autopilot,yes it is true. I know a lot of sofwares promise to automate things for us online marketers, but this software really does that. Twitter leadsThere are ways to do what this software does but manually, and that is too time consuming. With this software you can set it up so that the software replies to certain tweets that involves certain keywords that you want to target. If course do not set up replies with links to spam other twitter users, but you could motivate them to inbox you to learn more about some biz op or tool that you tell them a bit about in your reply. You can even geo target twitter users tweets. You can narrow it down a lot after your wishes through this targeting feature. This way you can set it up so it just includes tweets from people withing  a certain distance from a  certain town or such.

The different packages

This tool are availble with different price points,from 27 dollars one time up to 47 dollars for the premiun version.  With the basic membership for 27 dollars you are able to have 1 campaign set up. For the 37 dollar package you can have unlimited campaigns For all twitter leadspackages costumers will get lifetime support. This 37 dollar unlimited campaigns package is a limited ogffer otherwise it costs 47 dollar and then you are able to use 5 campaigns. So the different price tags can fit various peoples budget so to speak. This bluebird traffic machine is totally legit and etichal… We should as marketers use tools to help us more or less automate our marketing when it’s possible,and bluebird traffic machine provides such a solution.

Here follow some features with this bluebird traffic machine software;

  • Get real visitors from all over the world on autopilot
  • It is a easy to set up wordpress plugin
  • Based on push button technology
  • Allows you to cash in on free Twitter traffic.
  • Allows you to potentially make more sales online

This product comes with a 30 days money back garantee so the buyers can feel safe and doesn’t have to worry about losing money… as you can see this softaware comes with a price so it isn’t free, but on the hnd you get in on a ton of free twitter traffic with this Twitter leads software.

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Tommy Olsson

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Make money without doing anything?

Make money without doing anything.

Do you think that you can make money without doing anything?

Making money online without doing anything is very rare. It may be possible to some degree but in general you really can’t make money without doing anything to grow your online business.
That is my personal opinion…  At least when it comes to online marketing and when we are promoting a products  service or a online business opportunity. You can automate the process to some degree, but you really need to put in some work yourself,to make it all work as well.

Done for you?

As I am mentioning in the video, there are done for you systems out there but never the less they require some work on your part regardless. You still need to drive traffic to that system or tweak your follow up letters etc. There might be some ways that you can use to make money without doing anything but those I would say isn’t about regular online marketing when selling a product or service. Those push button softwares that are said to take care of everything for you so that you become rich this way,those I do not believe in. Some people may be looking for a short cut to make so called easy money  but I don’t  believe in short cuts in form of some so called push button software at least. You need to be careful with short cuts within marketing in general, make sure that the shortcut you are about to use is really legit. These softwares may be very appealing to lot of people promising to make their dreams come true, but I strongly suspect that many of these push button softwares doesn’t deliver on all their promises. Instead I believe in taking action to benefit my future success and putting in the work through marketing strategies that produces results to gain more freedom for me, but I would never buy and rely on a so called push button software.

Push button Vs taking action

I am more into learning from succesful online marketers that has the kind of success that I also want to be enjoying,that makes more sense to me… Even if it involves hard work to create more success for you in  your life later on, its  should be worth all that hard work,because you can’t just be watching tv and expect to let  push button software take care of you reaching your dreams in life. What we have to do is take action and apply the new skills that we have learned. We also need to be willing to always keep learning more marketing skills. eneed to be coachable.  To make money without doing anything doesn’t exist if you ask me, at least not when working as a online marketer. insted you need to put in the work to create a different future for yourelf.

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Tips about how to know if a company is genuine

How to know if a company is genuine.

I think that this knowledge is interesting for a lot of people that are considering joining a online business. So today I will share with you some tips what to think about when it comes to how to know if a company is genuine or not.

Although far from every online  business is a scam or a fraud, despite that fact I do suspect that there still are plenty of unlegitimate business opportunities out there. So let us get started now with my advice when it comes to discover these scams and frauds and how to know if a company is genuine or not.. For starters go to the company’s website to see if they have any contact information on their site. If they have details there about the company How to know if a company is genuineand how to in a easy way get in contact with the people behind the company or they support team. Be also aware of the existence of fake phone numbers that are circulating, so you should call them and ask questions to see if any red flag pops up for you while talking to them. Also, read through the website to see if it makes sense, so that it doesn’t says one thing for starters  and then further down the page states something complete different about the company.

More red flags

Legitimate companies in most cases has terms of use and privacy policy  stated on their websites, so look for those as well. Read through those to see if the spelling is correct and if the text makes sense. Do the company has images of their staff and products? If they do not provide any such images then maybe a red flag can appear right there. Be careful if they only are using bank checks or cash when paying the commissions to  affiliates. Most trusted businesses are using electronic payment processors like for instance Paypal. Sometimes you can find out information about  websites hosting and so on so look for how long the website has been online and when the hosting plans end. To find such information visit ICANN. To some degree we should use common sense also, but sometimes it may be hard to know where to turn to to get information about potential scams.

Useful resources…

But there are different resources/websites only that you might want to check out. At these sites people are able to report suspicious scams and frauds. So research those sites to see if the company you re consideriing to join is mentioned on these sites. Here follows a few examples of such websites that you can check out…

  1. Scamwatch
  2. Usa.gov
  3. Actionfraud.police.uk
  4. Rippoff report

I hope these advice that I have shared here about how to know if a company is genuine has been helpful for you. Make sure that you subscribe to my free newsletter to learn how to build up a recurring income online right here…


Tommy Olsson

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Why it sometimes is a good idea to stay away from the free gift

The free gift
is something that most people like to get at times.

Free things always more or less grabs peoples attention. But there are situations when you actually want to stay away from the free gift.

There are times when you in fact should make use of the free giftfor instance when you are using a free lead magnet of great value to make people sign up for your newsletter so that you are able to build your list further. However there are also times when you should avoid giving away a free gift… Let me explain…

Freebie seekers and making money

When you for instance are sending out mails to your list and want to make money,it really doesn’t work to just all the time end out the free gift to them, that way you will never make any money. And if you have a lot of freebie seekers on your list, well then,do you really want to hve them on your list? Those people might never buy from you anyway. so if they should unsubscribe, well that isn’t a bad thing actually. Do not be afraid to sell to your list. Because if you are The free giftgiving away a lot of free stuff without ever making a pitch then I would advice you to cut down on those free give aways. Giving away free trainings for instance at a blog for free is one thing, but sooner or later you must make a pitch also,to be able to build up your income through your blogging.

To not being too pitchy

You could motivate your readers to subscribe to your free news letter for instance. That is a way to not come out as too pitchy as well… You shouldn’t just post free valuable content on your blog without making a pitch, that way you are more or less wasting your time blogging. One of the biggest reasons why we are involved with online marketing should be to make money, so do not be afraid to make that pitch… I can understand if you want to be helpful towards your readers and audience, but you cn in fact be that by sharing with them The free giftthe benefits with a product or business opportunity. Don’t feel bad about selling, it is not  bad or ugly thing to sell, you know. It’s logical, that if you want to make money then you have to be willing to sell of course. So try to not include the free gift all too much in your marketing… If you are using it,then use it in a good way and not by sharing free content forever. Don’t use it too much if you reaaly want to take your earnings to  neew level. If you re interested in learning more about taking your earnings to a new level, then go here and subscribe to my free news letter.


Tommy Olsson

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Are you worried about not being good enough?

That thought I believe that everyone has sometimes,

when we are worrying not being good enough.

Not being good enough at what we are doing, no matter what that may be.

In this blog post I will give my advice about hay you shouldn’t question yourself as a online marketer and why you should stop asking yourself if you are not being good enough in your profession… It is not a question about how good you are at something right now,it is really a question about how good you can and will be at something. So we  got to focus on the long term outcome. When we first start doing something then we are all beginners, we are all newbies. So do not expect to much too soon. They say that practise makes perfect, and it is a true fact… when you are aiming to become really good at something you must keep practising. You have to keep practise and keep learning to become better at what you are doing..

Marketing is way to hard…

If you decide that becoming successful in online marketing is way to hard, well then in  way you have already failed or lost. Anything that you wnt to have should be worth the hard work and the potential struggle. So you need to let your success take its time… As you probably alredy know, success does not happen over night. There is no secret that many Not being good enoughmarketers are struggling, but to become a part of the successfulk marketers you have to keep learning to become a better marketer,and you also need to be patient. Becoming successful is something that in many cases includes obstacles and struggling, but try to focus on the outcome instaed of the so called road blocks in your path towards success. Success leaves clues so learn from those that already are successful… And about that thought that marketing is hard, marketing becomes as difficult as you make it out to be. And do not worry about not being good enough, focus on becoming better at what you are doing instead, focus on what you want to become better at…

The becoming good part…

Now some more facts about becoming good at something… If you are lacking results then maybe you havent given your learning process enough time , or maybe you haven’t taken action on every strategy that has been shared with you? You always have to apply that new skill that you have learned in order to get more results. You also have to consider that we all have our learning pace, our learning curve. So be patient and never compare yourself with someone else. Being a online entrepreneur means more freedom, but you got to work for that freedom also, and like I wrote earlier, it doesn’t happen over night. So keep your focus and don’t question if you are not being good enough, and I am sure you will see more results.

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Why should you care about the Facebook algorithm?

Why should you care about the facebook algorithm?

Yes, that is a good question, and a question that I will answer now… You must take the facebook  algorithm into consideration as a marketer.

Because the Facebook algorithm involves how much exposure you will get through your Facebook posts. I will now explain exactly why that is because as marketers we of course want as much exposure as possible to our content… We want the posts we make to show up in the news feed at so many of our contacts as possible of course. This includes both the posts that you make from your profiile but also the content that you are sharing at your business pages/fan pages, if you have those set up. So you really have to know how the facebook algorithm,  or the edge algorithm works…

The right content to the right people…

The Facebook newsfeed function means that it should deliver the right type of content to the right type of people basically. If you want certain people to be able to see your posts then you got to take into consideration How often you interact with that person in facebook algorithmdifferent ways. I also depends how much you have liked and shared that person content but also how much sharing ,likes and comments your own content has received. It also has to do with  if the post have been hidden by other users at facebook as well… So we need to strive for getting as much likes and sharing done on our posts as well as sharing of that post. So as you can see there are  many things to take into consideration with the facebook algorithm,so that you can receive maximal exposure for your content. This algorithm works in this way that the posts that are liked the most among people gets showned more often, and posts that people are not that interested in will get less exposure.

The importance of regularity

What also matters when it comes to getting maximal exposure is how often you are posting on facebook also decides how much exposure you are going to get for that content of yours. You should post at least 2-3 times  day. This way facebook get notified about the fact that you share (quality) content often,so that you re abkle to get more and more exposure for your posts. the posts can involve motivational images and text or a promotion,but Facebook algorithmremember to not do that promotion in a too pitchy manor. Write a story to motivate people to contact you so that they can learn more about your offer. However, remember to mix up the different types of posts,so that you don’t just promotions,that is not a good idea.

So now that you know more about the importance of the facebook algorithm,you should realize why it is so important to be aware of how this algorithm works.

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Are you still working?

So are you still working?

Are you still working or have you taken some time off from your  business

just because it is christmas around the corner?

Of course we deserve to take some time off every now and then, to be with our family and loved ones. Being a online entrepreneur should be a matter of feeling free and reaching more freedom in life and enjoying that lifestyle. But regardless there is something else I want to mention when it comes to work and taking time off from a online business.

To work or not to work…

Are you still working? This time of year it is a normal thing to take things a bit easier with work, becuase life should be more then just to work and work. But if you work as a online marketer being an entrepreneur I would like to motivate you to at least do some work on your business during christmas. Because it can be quite beneficial for you to put in some work when other people are not…At least it is a good idea to plan a bit for the next Are you still workingyear that is shortly upon us… What I am getting at then is to setting new goals for the new year and making up a plan to reach those goals, and deciding to give even more effort into building your online business. You need to set up goals, otherwise it will become very difficult for you to move ahead in your business and reaching any major success.

About your goals

So set up short term goals and long term goals, and decide on date when you want to be making those goals a reality for you. It may be so that you will not rech all your goals within the time frame you have deicided upon,but it is not the end of the world if you reach those goals a bit later then planned. Setting up those goals with a finishing date will make you work more focused. If you want more results in your online  business then it is a good idea to put in more effort, putting in more work in your business… But still,do not exhauste yourself either… However, if you focus on marketing strategies that pays off for you, then the more work you put in the more results you will get. So enjoy your free time now at christmas but I would also recommend you to put in some kind of work during this holiday as well.

Are you still working? Are you still working at a day job that you maybe want to get away from? That does not give you any joy what so ever? Then subscribe to this free newsletter where you will discover how to effectively build up a income online.  Now, enjoy the christmas holiday 🙂

Thank you for reading this blog post.


Tommy Olsson

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Free stuff is great, or?

Free stuff is great.

Yes sometimes that can be true that free stuff is great, but not always.

But this is something that I will share my input and reflections about through out this blog post.

Pull out your credit card…

Although sometimes free stuff is great or good, sometimes it is necessary that we are willing to spend money and this way investing in ourselves. Becuse to improve our marketing skills and to be able to become better marketers, we need to be willing to spend money. To open that wallet and take out our creditcards… If you have limited funds then I can understand that it can be hard to spend all that much money on your buisness, but maybe you can find a way to make it happen anyway? Maybe you have stuff at home that you could sell to come up with that money? Maybe you could do some work for a friend or neighbour and get paid some money for that?

Free up more time for yourself

You should both invest in yourself by investing in trainings that will make you a better marketer ,but you also need to be willing to spend money on paid  advertising. This for you to build your business and income faster. Because using paid traffic could save you a  lot of time and actually more or less put your earnings on autopilot if you know how to. When you have free stuff is greatstarted to make some profits from your marketing then a golden rule is that you should invest most of that profit back into your business to keep growing your income. There are free marketing methods that really works,but if you want to make building your business easier, then paid advertising is very valuable. If you are serious bout reaching the goals you have set up within the time frames you have set up,then spending money is a great way to accomplish just that… You shouldn’t stop using the free methods that provides result for you, but you should combine those with paid advertising.

Free isn’t always good…

Free stuff is great?? Yes there are plenty information out there on the internet that you can benefit from,but not all information is for free, and not everything that is free is that Free stuff is greatgood either sometimes… I know that some people loves free stuff,and that’s nothing wrong with that really. However, to step it up in your online business sometimes it is really required that you spend some money. You simply need to spend some to be able to make some more… That is how it works. Any sum of money,how ever how small it is, that you can invest in paid advertsining or in marketing training is so very valuable for your development as an entrepreneur. Free stuff is great... Yeah but do not just rely on that free stuff.

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