Face your fears if you want more success in business

Face your fears.

Face your fears, face what ever fear that you might have,
this to generate more and better results for your online business.

Challenging fears  can be and feel difficult to do, but to change things for you in your business, you simply need to face your fears.

I refused to do it

Some time back I had issues with my mindset and I was having a fear to reach out to people at facebook, I am doing most of my marketing at Facebook you see. My fear stopped me from performing the strategies that I have learned to be able to generate more leads. I knew those straregies worked for other marketers, but for some reason I just refused to do what they did..reaching out to people daily by chatting with them. I didn’t want to do it at all so I kept focused on other ways of generating leads, that wasn’t always that successful. I was a bit scared about people would react and maybe afraid if they would Face your fearsact rude towards me. I took things people to personally way to personal back then… Then I realized I needed so to say develop a thicker skin”. because you need to have this thick skin in this business. Because not everyone is friendly I’m sorry to say. Not everyone is on the same as you. Never mind if people act rude towards you, just ignore them and block them if necessary and face your fears, because there are so many positive people out there anyway. Positive nice people that are willing to listen… So face your fears and focus on the positive people that you come across. I also realized after getting started with challengin the fears that I had, that people will not snap of you head just by you reaching out to them lol. (Sorry for the choice of words…) When we have a fear of something, we might be exaggerating what will happen when challenging those fears. I guess that was what I did when having those fears of mine.

Don’t let fear win

If you are allowing your fear to win to take ocer, you will just delaying your success. that fear will stop youf or reaching your goals that you have set up for yourelf. Do not allow this to happen. because your dreams is worth it right? They should be at least. It may feel a bit nervous and scary when you first  startto face your fears, but it will feel easier and better the more you face your fears. After a while you will not be feeling nervous at all… So keep facing your fears because you and your business deserves it. Because why let fears keeping you from making the kind of money that you want to be making?

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Tommy Olsson

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Are you done yet?

Are you done yet??

Does it feel hopeless, do you feel it is time to give up on your goals and dreams and quit online marketing? Maybe this is just a temporary phase you are going through so in that case should you really quit now? Are you done yet really?

Before you do…

Before you quit if that is what you really are going to do then think about the reasons why you got involved with online business and online marketing. Think bout your why. Does it feel okay to give up on that why, on your goals and dreams? Or do you still have some desire deep down inside you, to hang in there for a little while longer and keep working are you done yetyour business? Yeah,so are you done yet?  If you really despite to keep going with your marketing efforts then yes maybe it is time for you to do something else. But if you still to some degree ant to change your situation and create that change by being an online entrepreneur,well then you probably should try to motivate yourself to keep going, and not quitting. But it is totally up to you of course, you must do what feels right for you… You have to ask yourself “are you done yet,” and then make a honest decision. But do not make a hasty decision that you regret after a while… make sure first, that you really want to quit. Many successful marketers had to strugggle for quite some time in fact, before having their big break through.

Do not make hasty decisions…

So with that in mind, do not give up to soon. Some people struggles for several years before they are having their breakthoughs,and we all have our learning curves… If you are just going through  period of negative thinking and bad mindset then try to get inspired again, because it would be sad if you feel like you have to give up on your dreams. But if you feel no joy about your online marketing and business, well then I can understand if are you done yetyou are considering to quit. You are the only one that can make the decision for you,so do not let others influence you… One motivation to continue on your online entrepreneur journey is to trove to possible doubtful people wrong. Prove the nay sayers and people tht said that you cant succeed, well succeed then and prove them wrong!

By writing this blog post I have tried to help you find out what you really want if you are considering to quit on online marketing. As I wrote previously, think things really through before you mke any decisions to quit. Ask youself are you done yet and then make a decision. If you enjoyed this post then feel free  to share it and comment it, thank you.


Tommy Olsson

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Shared content and the importance of it

This blog post will be about the importance of shared content and why you need to add new fresh content to the marketplace regurlary.

If you are looking to generate more leads and generating leads constantly you need to tap in the soucre of shared content.

Through that content you should share a ton of value but not just value, sooner or later a pitch toa product or service must be included as well. However you shouldn’t pitch people to hard, first you need to grow an audience and make them like,know and trust you. Some Shared valuemarketers are pitching way to hard and therefor are driving people away from themselves ,so you need to choose a different approach. Shared content can go really value so that is why you as a online marketer and business owner should make benefit of it. You need to make use of shared content especially if you have a limited budget and want to mainly use free methods of lead generation and driving traffic to your blog or capture page. On the other hand if you do not take action then you will of course not get any results either. Sometimes we have worse days then others, days when we start to maybe doubt in urselves and our own abilities due to lack of results, but the faster you are able to get back on track again the better…

Snapping out of it…

It is normal to going through those bad days, but for the sake of your success in your business, you must do your best to so to say snap out of those negative ways of thinking. Because to really become successful we must do our best at all time to maintain a positive mindset. So fill your head with positive thoughts instead of those negative ones… As I have Shared contentwritten mny times before, reading books daily is a must to keep those negative thoughts away. Focusing on sharing your knowledge through that shared content of yours is the path to more reults for you… Make sure though that your shared content at all times are of high quality. here are a lot of competition amomg online marketers, so therefor you need to share the very best content that you can come up with. This to position yourself as an expert and a leader.

Ways of getting your content out there

There are different ways  that you can get your shared content out there. You could write articles, record videos, through blogging etc. You could do reviews about product and services that you are using in videos and blog posts, for instance.  If you take advantage of this sources and creating really good quality content then I am sure that you will get people interested in you as a marketer and person,as well as what you are working on. If you regurlary  are sharing valuable content, then I am sure  that you will start to see results.

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What you want, are you clear on that?

Are you clear on what you want?

Are you clear on  what you want in life? Are you clear on what you want with your online business?
Once you get clear on what you want, clear on your intentions, things will get much easier for you ,including building your businesa and income online.

Setting goals

If you are not clear on what you want,  clear on your intentions and goals, it will be like you are working towards nothing and without having any direction. It would be like s If as you where lost, not knowing where to turn. So you need to be clear on what you want to be able to change your situation. You need to be clear on what you want so that you will know what to work towards and focus on… This is something that I have learned from my mentor and sponsor Anji Long as well. You need to set clear realistic goals for yourself, both short term goals and long term goals. The goals shouldn’t be to small but not to big either. If you set to big goals then it can feel like you never will reach them ,and What you wantmaybe you won’t in fact reach them if you set them too high. The goals shouldn’t be set to low either because then you might not be that inspired in your efforts to reach that goal. The goal should be big enoughs o that you are feeling really motivated ,excited and inspired to reach those goals… To make it more powerful, to stay focused on reaching your goals, you should write them down and also say them out loud to yourself daily. Do not just  write your goals down and then forget about them…


Another thing that you should do to keep that level of motivation up, is to visualize your goals. Visualize how you will feel when you have made your goals a reality. Visualize what house you are living in and what car you re driving etc. How do you feel when having all What you wantthose things?? Another thing that you can use as well is a dream board, Put pictures of things  that you would like to have in the future. Put the dream board at places inside your home where you spend a lot of time, so that your dream board will remind you about your goals. You could also write notes and put put all around your house or apartment with positive affirmation involving your goals and abilities, to keep you motivayed and in a positive mindset. It is also necessary to read books daily to maintain a positive mindset, because leaders are readers. Read books hat motivates,inspire and teaches you something. Even if you do not like to read books, force yourself to read anyway. We simply got to read to keep moving ahead towards our goals and to endure possible setbacks in our business.


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Shiny object syndrome, are you suffering from it?

Shiny object syndrome.

Do you think you could suffer from the shiny object syndrome?

Now what is really shiny object syndrome?

It is when you as a online marketer are jumpping from biz op to biz op and not relly reaching any succes in any of thoe businesses, so then you decide to jump to the next one.

Definition of shiny objects

A shiny object iis something that promises the answer to your wishes ,the solution to help you reach your dream life,and in many cases the shiny objects promise that you can achieve that fast. There are many temptations out there in the online marketing world, so it is pretty easy to be caught into the shiny object syndrome. But if you haven’t started to make some profits in your main business, then I would advice you to be strong and not fall for the temptation of these shiny objects and ending up in the shiny object syndrome….

Why jump?

Instead, before jumping on the next biz op make sure that you re successful first in your current online business. It can be really tempting to jump on those shiny objects if you are struggling in your current business, but to jump on the next so called big thing will Shiny object syndromeprobably not solve anything for you. Because if you failed so far and you haven’t learn that much more new marketing skills, why would next time turn out better for you?? If you just jump from biz op to biz op then you  most likely will not make any significant amounts of money either. You need to stay focused on your main business to become successful in that before even deciding to join something else… Having multiple streams of income is great but like I just wrote, become succesful in the business that you are in first. This despite the fact that there are very beneficial business opportunities out there, and sometimes you just gotta take action. But never the less I must advice you to think twice before acting to hasty… Your current business may come to a quick stop if you decide on doing some program-jumping…

IF you consider to join another business

If you really want to join another business that looks really beneficial and you feel that you really need to take action on it, then perform a research about that company first, to make sure it is legit. You can research that company right here…


  • Stay away from shiny objects, they will just stop you from reaching success in your current business
  • If you really considering to join a new business then do a research for that company
  • Jumping from business to busines will not bring you any significant success

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Tommy Olsson

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Facebook live for business, how to use it for business

What are the best ways of using Facebook live for business?

Facebook Live has been around for a while now and I notice thata more and more marketers are starting to use Facebook live. If you haven’t started using facebook live then by reading this blog post I believe that you will learn a few things that will benefit you when it comes to Facebook live for business.

If you aren’t using Facebook live in your marketing then I really can recomend  you to start using  Facebook live for business… Facebook live helps your content to go really viral as well as connecting yourself with your audience…

How to get started

You get access  to Facebook live by downloading the smartphone Facebook app, and then you just choose “live” when you have logged into your Facebook account. Then you write a description for your Facebook live and then you just have to get started. One of the great benefits with Facebook live is that your lives will stay on Facebook so this way your msesage will be around for a lot of people to see. You are able to invite your contacts to your Live broadcasts as well through the app.

Increasing the exposure

You are able to share your Facebook lives at your fanpage or in other groups that you are the admin of,so this way you can increase the exposure for your Facebook live videos.  You can share tips with your audience through Facebook live but also motivate them at having  a look t a product or business opportunity that you are promoting. You can also share facebook live for business your life and lifestyle with your audience by doing facebook lives when you are on holiday and so on… You can build your list further by taking advantage of facebook live for business. You can also share your daily life and your thoughts through your facebook live to let your audience get to know you as a person.. You should make sure that those who are watching your Facebook lives are taking action and commenting to leave their opinions about what you are sharing. You want your viewers to engage with you.  This way you will make your viewers hopefully stay to the end of your live. Another way of motivating the viewers to watch the whole Facebook live, is to promise them for instance a surprise at the end of your broadcast, for instance a product for a discounted price. The product should be connected to the subject your Facebook live are about.

Another way to use Facebook live…

If you have launched your own products then you can also use your fcaebook live to hear feedback from customer that have purchased your products,or answer their questions about your products. Soas you can see there are plenty of ways that you can use Facebook live for business.

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Instagram tips for business, making more money with instagram

I will be sharing my best Instagram tips for business in this blog post. To not make benefit of Instagram as a online marketer could be like leaving a lot of money on the table.

There is no need for that, through my Instagram tips for business I will also reveal how you can make your instagram marketing easier.

Instagram are used by more then 500 million users, so think at the potential of using it for your business… Not everyone on Instagram is interesting in online marketing but many are, so this platform is like a golden nugget to any serious online marketer as i will reveal through my Instagram tips for business now….

Instagram tips for businessTo get started you just need a smartphone that you download the instagram app to. To create your Instagram account you go to instagram.com. You need to set up your profile through logging in with your computer,to set up your bio section and so on. Make sure to upload a profile photo, a quality photo of you smiling in a nice surrounding. That will look appealing to your followers and others on instagram.

 Only share quality content…

When you are adding new images to Instagram make sure that the images are of good quality and not blurry. No one will like images that are of poor quality. You should share fun images and images where you are enjoying yourself and not just images about business and marketing. If you just pitch people they will avoid you,and that is not something we want. Share images when you are away on vacation or at beautyful places in general, this will attract more people towards you. When posting your imges you should always add hashtags into your posts,because then you will get mnore views/traffic to your content. Use hashtags that you notice are being used within your niche.

Return the favor

When someone posts a nice comment or liking your images then return the favor,this will make them appreciate you. Follow people back that are following you as well.

Tools for Instagram…

To make your Instagram marketing easier for you you need to use tools…

  • Crowdfire is a free  app that to help you discover inactive users and unfollowers, and helps you find good users you might want to follow. This tool can also be used for your twitter account.
  • Instahelper is a great app that saves you a lot of time when adding hashtags. It chooses the most popular hastagsso that you can add those to your posts in a easy manor.
  • Soldsie uses your Instagram biolink  to brand you. You can track conversions for your biolink  This tool is great for ecommerce. Soldsie allows you to add a ready to use chart at your product posts.
  • Latergram.me allows you to schedule your posts from any device
  • Repost is an app for reposting of photos and videos, while crediting the person who have posted it in the first place . Pro upgrade lets you manage multiple Instagram accounts. This is a free tool but there is a option for a ro version for $4.99.
  • Facebook Power Editor is a new awsome Instagram tool that allows you to promote your instagram posts. This tool offers Advanced Targeting, Call To Action Button and flexible pricing.

Source: Huffington post and practicalecommerce.com

There are other Instagram tools available but these tools mentioned in this post about  Instagram tips for business,, are the one I am focusing  on now. For more marketing advice,feel free to subscribe to my newsletter at this blog.


Tommy Olsson


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Multiple streams of income, how do you create that?

Multiple streams of income is something that many online marketers wants to have. To enjoy more freedom,financial freedom.

So what are the steps you need to take to create multiple streams of income?

Having a great marketing system or funnel system can be a great help when building multiple streams of income. A marketing system and funnel system with different options to upgrade within the systems, can make your income building that much easier. But what else do you need to know to build your multiple streams of income really? Well many online marketers I believe are working way to hard to build that mutliple streams of income. The following advice that I will share about building multiple streams of income may help you out…


Multiple streams of incomeHaving multiple streams of income will so to say protect you financially if one of your businesses gets shut down or something like that. So having more then one income streams is a safety act so to say. It will make you feel more secure… You shouldn’t join every new business opportunity you see to  try to build multiple income streams, first make sure that your first main income stream makes you some real serious profit.

The mentor

Everyone needs a mentor and to successfully build multiple streams of income you need to have a good mentor that knows what works and what does not in online marketing. You need  mentor because you can’t figure out everything on your own…

Examples of income streams…

One way that you can create an extra or more income streams is to actually launch your own products. You can use the knowledge you have right now and create a digital product around that knowledge for instance. It is not that difficult to create your own product, it could be something as simple s an e-book. Besides that you should always be building your list of prospects, to ensure that you are able to improve your level of income. You could also start a business as an consultant regarding something that you know  a lot about as well. Multiple streams of incomeThere are other ways of generating more income streams, they don’t have to be a part of online marketing they can be about other types of businesses as well. They can involve investing in properties or in the stock market for instance. Your multiple income streams can be both passive and non passive. The idea of passive income rhrough multiple streams of income are appealing many people. However, you must work those income streams as well to keep earning from them. Although there are income streams that almost are totally passive,in most cases you still have to put in the work to generate that income.

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Overnight success does not happen

Overnight success that is something that rarely happens, if ever.

That is true also when it comes to online marketing.

To be a online entrepreneur is not a hobby or something to take likely ,if you have chosen to be entrepreneur then you probably know that being a entrepreneur and online marketer is more like a lifestyle. It is more then a lifestyle then a hobby or  job. Yes we are able to create better lifestyles for ourselves and create more freedom in our lives through working online businesses, but it doesn’t happens over night.

Success takes time

It takes hard work and a strong will to never give up or quit. So overnight success when you area online marketer, no I do not think that is realistic at all… Anything that is good in life is something we must work hard for to get in most cases. That is the way it works with online marketing and becoming successful in this line of work. I overnight successpersonally had to work hard for a pretty long while before seeing any significant results through my marketing. I almost quitted but I didn’t. Im glad that I didn’t quit now. We all have our learning curve,so we have to give it time. Because success takes time. Do not compare you with other marketers,they have their journey and you have yours, and we are all unique and different. Because it is not a race, it is not a competition regarding who is going to reach their goals first… Never compare yourself with others, because doing that in a to high degree will just delay your success and drag your self esteem down. Because maybe you do not know how long these people have worked in this industry to reach the kind of succes they are now enjoying… You can not be impatient when working in this industry either, you need to be really patient and not expecting to have a huge level of success in a short period of time…

Some examples…

People that are njoying huge success now didn’t have that overnight success. Bill Gates is still the riches person in the world, as you can read here. He worked very hard for that
success and failed several times along the way. Gary Vaynerchuk has made huge profits with his wine business, he tooks his profits from $3 million to more than $60 million in five years after he had finished college. He did so through hard work, he worked every day in the week and pout in long hours dedicated to learn all the skills he needed to enjoy that huge success. So you see overnight success does not happen a lot lot in general. Success takes time but let it take time… It takes hard work,v ery hard work sometimes but is totally worth it in the end.

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Are you ready for success?

Are you ready for success?

As entrepreneurs and online marketers we of course always should be ready for success, but it is something else regarding success that I want to adress now.

Are you ready for success?

It is a new month and there is only 90 days left of this year. So now it is time to plan ahead for the new year as well, And plan for success. so let us make the most of these coming 90 days… So as it is a new mounth it is time to set up new goals for ourelves  and plan ahead.

Now Is the time

In fact at this time of the year it is a  great opportunity to work even harder and focus even Are you ready for successmore to build the online business that you are in. You see, this time of year or in the end of this season people are more willing to join a business opportunity and buy products. This is because people have more time on their hands during this slow season. Because those people that has got kids that re in the age of starting at school, has got them into school and more in the mood to look at business opportunities and so on. So now is the perfect time to focus even more on our business and our success. This about fll being the best season to focus on in business,is not something I have come up with myself , it is a proven fact that people are more willing to join  online businesses and buy products this time of year. So to not taking action on this time of the year, would be a shame…. Of course you are able to make sales all around the year but his time of the year is particular beneficial to do business at… Some people might say that it is hard to make sales during the slow seasons, but that does not have to be true. In any case you need to be prepared and getting ready for the busy season as well, to make the most of it…

Get prepared

By taking more action now you’ll be better prepared when the busy season is coming again… And you still can make a lot of sales during this so called slow season. Because Are you ready for successpeople are starting to look for business opportunitities during the end of this season,so it is time to get positioned!  It is time to get out there and share your message with the masses, even more then before. So it is no need to ask your self are you ready for success, just know that you are and get going.


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