Brick & mortar business or a online business?

Brick & mortar business or a online business,

what is the best option for you? That what I will do my best to clarify in this blog post.

To begin with,

what is a brick & mortar business?

Basically a brick & mortar business are companies that have a physical shop and offers face-to-face customer experiences. The kind of store and business that you can visit physically in your nearest town.

So brick & mortar business or a online business? What should you choose if you are thinking about starting a business and must choose between these two types of businesses? Well first I will now reveal the advantages and dis advantages about the two types of businesses, brick & mortar business and a online business.

The start up of the businesses

The start up cost for a brick & mortar business are often higher in comparison with starting up/ joining a online business. By starting a online business you can work from your home you do not need any particluar facility to get started with your business. If you own a laptop you have even more freedom by just taking your laptop and this way your Brick & mortar businessbusiness as well, anywhere you will travel. Most online businesses doesn’t require you to have any stocks of products atr home, well some do like for instance in the niche of weightloss and health where autoship may be involved. Brick & mortar businesses has their own advantages as well… If you choose a good location for it where people knows who you are and trust you then that is a good start for your brick and mortar business.


Your promotion of your brick & mortar business can run by the talk of the town so to speak. The word about your new business get spread by the people living at this location. from mouth to mouth. Marketing a online business I believe is easier because there are so many ways to promote such a business and reach out to so many new people online. Saying that I am not suggesting that it is impossible to promote a brick and mortar business effectively online.. I just like the idea of online businesses  and online entrepreneurship and helping new people online is more fulfilling for me then having a brick & mortar business….

Online marketing is hard?

Yes online marketing can seem difficult for starters and sometimes it can be a struggle to Brick & mortar businessget results through online marketing, but it is worth it in the long run, if you ask me. When you reach success and everyhting runs smoothly you’ll be glad that you didn’t quit. The disadvantages for both types of businesses I would say is that at the start the owners of it will probably work late hours,but on the other hand they should be willing to do so because having that business should be like a dream coming true right? Regarding the choice between brick & mortar businesses, you also must simply trust your “gut” your gut feeling about what type of business you feel is the right one for you…

If you feel like you will do good selling products in a brick & mortar business but are not sure about the ins and outs of online marketing, well then maybe you should go for a brick & mortar business… Unless of course, you are willing to educate yourself about online marketing. If you want free information about how to start building a online income, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter at this blog.



Tommy Olsson.

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How to make money while traveling

Today I want to share with you how to make money while traveling, and also how to get a huge discount on all your travels world wide.

Because I believe that a lot of peoeple are not able to travel as much as they want to, they are not able to take vacation as often as they would like to either…They might be experiencing some lack of freedom as well.

So therefore I decided to share these advice regarding how to make money while traveling with you.

Well, I will present  to you now how you are able to get up to 90% discounts on all your travel and resorts,as well as making a solid income online. Im a apart of a luxury travel club; Explore Resorts International that offer you those high discounts on all their travels.

This luxury travel club offers lower prices that any of the travel discount sites that you may see online as well… and better then a time share opportunity. This is because usually through a time share you are locked to that one location and are limited to travel at specific period of times during the year. Through our travel club you will have so much more choices. There is a passive way and a more active way to benefit from this travel club and Commission passport. You do not have to promote this opportunity, you can just take advantage of the huge discounts and get awsome vacations for a very low price.

What is Commission Passport?

It is a done for you system to help you promoting this luxury travel club,, all you have to do is to drive traffic to it. That is something we will help you with through your marketing plan that you will receive from us. This is a really effective way when we talk about how to make money while traveling. Both resorts and luxury cruises are available for you as a member. Some of the travels has cash backs rewards as well.

The fact is that you could be seeing commissions into your bank account of $3,500, thanks to this luxury travel club. Peoeple loves to travel in general so it is a really valuable business. Once you paid the fee you are a member for life! No recurring fees what so ever… It is a no- brainer, so to get more information click here…

Also check out my video attached to this post…

So will you take action? If I was  you I would.



Tommy Olsson.

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Facebook tips for marketing, sharing free methods

In this blog post I will be sharing free Facebook tips for marketing.

Facebook is a great platform when it comes to prospecting and branding yourself as a marketer. When it comes to paid advertising , Facebook ads can be very effective, but this post will be focusing on free Facebook tips for marketing

To kick of my Facebook tips for marketing;  it is important that your Facebook profile looks professional, one thing that you really need to have set up is a picture of yourself as a profile picture. Do not use a image of some symbol or a anmal for instance. people should get to know you and not a animal or symbol, right? It can be beneficial to sometimes use the same profile picture that you are using on other social sites, because then people can recognize you faster and put  a name to your face so to speak. In your Facebook profile you are able to add different contact information so make sure to add your url to your website and/or blog there…

If you are not completely sure how a real good profile should look  why not have a look at a successful marketers profile? Then you get an idea what to include and what to not include at your profile.

Facebook tips for marketingIn your profile settings you can also add your present work/occupation so if you have a facebook fanpage you could for instance write there thta you are admin at…. and link to that fanpage,this way you can create more exposure for your fanpage and get more likes done for it. Enter as much contact information as possible, to make it easy for people to contact you. You might not want to make your phone number public because you could get overloaded with calls, but that is up to you of course.

Grab attention

You should grab peoples attention to get a lot of so called “eye balls” on you and your profile, so you need to be active and post a lot of value on your wall. Remember to click on like at every new post you are making,this will also create that attention for your content. These post that you are making can be some motivational and inspirational text that you have written yourself, or if you do not know what to write there are a lot of frree quotes online that you can use. One of such website is for instance brainyquote. At this site there are a lot of famous quotes to choose from.

Text, images and hashtags…

You could also post motivational images on your wall,there are also a lot of such images online that you can use. Just post the image or add some text to it. If you have the opportunity then buy a Facebook profile banner from a vendor on Fiverr for instance,or make one yourself. This to brand you even more and to create attention to your profile. Otherwise you could just add some beautyful image as a banner. Maybe of places where Facebook tips for marketingyou dream about going to etc. It is also most beneficial if you add hashtags to the images and the text that you are posting. because when you post a hashtag that tag will be a clickable link that will shoe results from different people that have used that same hashtag. This way you also can get more eyeballs and traffic to your content. A hashtag looks like this; # followed by your hashtag word no space between though. For instance: #marketing. Add several hashtags in the same post if you like to get even more exposure. Funny images can be another way to get people to check out your profile and wall. Then they might think :”oh that’s a funny guy or woman”. people might start to like you because of this. But do not share images to often,do not spam your wall with them ,then people will get tired of seeing them. But share them every now and then.


To get attention to your business it is okay to post payments proof at times, but do not do it to often, that could bore or irritate your contacts. When posting your payment proofs, I wouldn’t post a link to your offer,just motivate your viewers to comment below your post if they are motivated to learn more,and tell them that you will get back to them by inboxing them.

Other attention grabbing methods

Now to other Facebook tips for marketing besides sharing motivational content; just asking people a question about pretty much anything on your wall is another way to create attention on your wall. It could be like a simply thing as what peoples favorite ice cream is. This to just start a conversion. I mentioned fanpages in the begginning of this post, how to market witha fanpage will have to be a subject for a later post, i will not include that type of marketing in todays blog post. Connecting with people in different facebook advertsiing groups is another good free option when it comes to marketing on facebook,but I will not go into detail about methods regarding this right now. Another way to create attention for yourself can be if you are the first person to comment on a successful marketers posts, people that views these posts may get curious about who you are and may decide to visit your profile…

Hopefully you have got value from reading about these Facebook tips for marketing now.

Make it a great day.


Tommy Olsson

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Tweepsmap review, what are the benefits with Tweepsmap?

Tweepsmap review. Have you heard about this Twitter statistic tool Tweepsmap?

If not I will give a detailed description about its features as well as the benefits with Tweepsmap in this Tweepsmap review.

So what can Tweepsmap do,and maybe most important; what  can Tweepsmap do for you and your online business? Let me explain by kicking off this Tweepsmap review….

Your Twitter followers location

With this Twitter statistic tool Tweepsmap, you get access to a map with yout Twitter followers locations marked out at this map and you see the different percentages for your group of follwers in different locations. Besides that you are able to access other statistics as well. You are able to get detailed deep twitter analytics with this tool. You can automate your tweeting with Tweepsmap and your direct messaging as well. This will save you a lot of time,so you do not have to spend so much time being on Twitter. Instead you can focus on your other marketing activities as well.

Trending topics

You are able to have a good overview of the trending topics among your followers with this tool as well. With tweepsmap you will have the ability to see statistics regarding different tweets and re-tweets reach as well as their impact.

There is even more…

With this tool you will be able to have a very impressive overview of your competition and also discover  influential followers, but also people that have unfollowed. This will help you to see how  effective your different campaign have been.

Using it for free or upgrade…

The free plan offers the ability to see who have followed and unfollowed as well as discovering inactive accounts.

There are 3 different packages you have to pay for to choose from if you want more features then the free membership offers. This depends of course if you will use this tool for private matters or in your online business. The three different groups of packages are;

  • Individuals and small businesses
  • Agencies
  • Enterprise

I will not publish the different level off fees for the  paid services they offer, as there are several options for each group, but you can always go here and review this tool and the fees for it by yourself.

Feel free to view a demo with Tweepsmap shared by Gavin Kilpatrick below;


So I believe that any marketer that want to save time and be able to really have a great overview of their twitter network, really can benefit by using Tweepsmap.

So this is the information I have for you about thisTwitter statistic tool in this Tweepsmap review.

I hope you have found value by reading this article/blog post.

Take care.


Tommy Olsson

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Making more money online ,by investing in your future

Sometimes to be making more money online you need to be willing to invest in your future.

If you are not satisfied with your level of earnings through your marketing efforts, or if you looking  for a way to make money faster, then this post is for you.

Now I am not talking about some get rich scheme here of course,but a legit effective way of making more money online.

Because in order to make more money you sometimes have to pay more,and invest in your business in various ways to be able to reach your dream lifestyle. That fact can be about you investing in paid advertising for your current business, or buying quality marketing training. However  what I  will focus on in this blog post will be the benefits with making more money online by promoting a high ticket item.

To Pricy?

You may say that you do not have the money to invest in a high ticket product, but what if you could? “Isn’t it hard to sell a high ticket product?” If you had access to a high ticket product that people really want to have, then it doesn’t have to be that hard to get sales from it.  You might have access to a system that makes selling easier as well. Because people are willing to by such a product if it is really a high quality product. If you have good skills at promoting a high ticket product, then this is a good choice for you as you otherwise could end up working so much harder to in fact promote a cheaper product. Sometimes people have a hard time financially and can not afford everything I get that. Making more money onlineBut if you could find a way to come up with that money to be making more money online in the future? Some would say that to promote a high ticket product is a smart way of making more money online, this because you could build your income faster through selling a high ticket product.  You don’t want to get in debt in order to afford a high ticket product,but if you really want the product for yourself as well, find a way to afford to get in on that product, because it could improve your level of earning online greatly and faster by promoting it. That is why many online marketers have chosen to get involved with marketing a high ticket product.

The free option

If you really can’t afford to buy a high ticket product then there are ways for you to promote high ticket products as an afilliate without having to buy the product. If you are looking for such a product you could always google it. You can find pretty much anything through the Google search engine…

By reading this blog post I hope that you have got better understanding about how to be making more money online through promoting a high ticket product.

For more  marketing tips such as free training about how to sell high ticket items, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter at this blog.



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How to convert sales by getting into the prospects heads

How to convert sales. How do you convert sales in a effective manor? How do you turn a lead, a prospect into a customer, a person who is willing to buy from you?

The basic key regarding how to convert sales online is that you need to get into your prospects heads,so to speak.

Be the solution…

Put yourself in their shoes, put yourself in their position in order to try to find out what  is going on in their heads,what issues they might have. It has to do with the so called Robert Collier principle; “Always enter the conversation already occurring in the prospect’s mind.” Once you have a pretty good idea about what is going on in your prospects heads, then it will get much easier to know how to adress their issues and questions through your ad copy for instance. You need to put yourself in their position to get an idea what kind of thoughts they are having. Are they struggling to make money online?  Do they want to leave their 9-5 job but are not really sure how to make it a reality? Are they thinking about quitting on online marketing? Do they have someone who is giving them valuable advice? If not that person should be you! To make the sale you must have your prospects interest at heart, you must write ad copies that reflect that you are understanding where they are coming from.

Your products and services…

Your job is to give them solutions to their problems and answers to questions that they are having… If they have a lack of inspiration and motivating and a negative mindset,well then be their source of inspiration. Motivate them to take action, to take daily action in their business. When people are noticing that you are there for them when they need help, they will trust you,and starting to like you. This fact is very valuable when it comes to how to convert sales within onlline marketing So in order for you to make the sale,think about what advice you can give them and also; what products to you have that will help your audience out to make more money? Provide a solution to your prospects/audience, and offer the solutions to their issues; your product or service…  However when first  How to convert salesstarting to communicate with your leads, do not think of how to convert sales, think about building trust  and show that you are understanding their pain in their struggling. You need to be that person your audience can turn to for answers. You need to be the person that your prospects come back to for even more advice. You will be their problem solver. The answers to questions like, how to convert sales and  how to make money online, is when you have something that the market and your audience really wants and needs, and when you are sharing the benefits with your product or service.

If you feel stuck in your marketing progress and business building,

then feel free to subscribe to my free newsletter at this blog.


Tommy Olsson.

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Importance of mentoring, why you need a mentor

Importance of mentoring.

We all need a mentor, we all need someone to point us in the right direction when we do not know where to go in your business, and what path to take. The importance of mentoring exists in every working place, in a ordinary 9-5 regular job as well as for online entrepreneurs.

Without direction, without the right kind of knowledge regarding  what path to take, you are kind of lost out there in the internet world…Almost  as if you were blind… Once you have learned the necessary skills about how to succeed within online marketing, then it is time to give back… Then it is time to give back to your downline, by giving them valuable advice to help them build THEIR business as well. This is a kind of pay-it-forward thing really. We as leaders and entrepreneurs should never  be selfish, so share what have helped you enjoy your success with those who turn to you for help.

It is not about holding hands…

A good mentor is not like someone who always will be there “babysitting ” you around the clock, holding your hand. However they should give you valuabale advice that you should take action on to build your business further. The role of the mentor is to to give you value and then you should take advantage of that value by applying it in your marketing efforts. Importance of mentoringIf you do not make benefit of the knowledge you are receiving from your mentor,well then it is your own fault if you will fail in your business. You need to take action on every strategy handed to you as  soon as possible, in order to successfully building your income online.  The importance of mentoring  also has to do with you aiming to surround yourself with successful people that you can learn from in order for you to enjoy the similar level of success. One of those persons should really be your mentor. So surround yourself with people that has what you want to have. That is what you should aim for…

The investing part…

Besides the free information that your mentor should share with you,you sometimes have to invest in marketing trainings and products to take your business even further. These way you are also investing in yourself. To reach success in a effective manor you should be open minded to spend money in order to make money. Because if you want to build your business and income in a quite short period of time then you need to be willing to spend. If you are not willing to spend money on your business, then maybe you have chosen the wrong career? I do not mean to be rude, but it is just how I see things. Somewhere down the line when you have started to make money in your business, you should use some of that profit and re-invest it in your business.

As a final word about this subject; the importance of mentoring is that no one who takes their online business seriously can manage without that good mentoring.

If you need marketing tips and advise, then  feel free to subscribe to my free newsletter at this blog.


Tommy Olsson.

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Pro active strategies for success in business

What does it mean to be pro active? Why would you benefit from applying some pro activity strategies? If you keep on reading you will get some answers to those questions.

Being pro active means that instead of waiting for things to happen and waiting for change, you make things happen and create that change. Being pro active means that  you are an action taker. You get the job done, you work effectively though out the days to create results for your business as fast as possible. a part of being pro active is not to focus on problems and obstacles but to focus on solutions and staying ahead and staying on the path that will make it possible for them to make their goals a reality. A pro active person make things happen and are always planning ahead.

These people are making benefit of pro active strategies to reach their goals…

Always planning the next move

Being pro active means that you are thinking and planning ahead, you are never being passive. As a person you are action and result oriented and applying pro active strategies as well. A way to work more pro actively can be to review your daily plan of action list,is there something on it that you could do in a more effective manor? Does it need to be in your plan of action even? To plan your marketing in detail will make it more effective and as I have mentioned before, will create more results for you. So being pro active means that you all the time looking for ways to work more effectively coming up with solutions, and by doing so hopefully make more money in your business.

Pro active strategies

Avoid overload…

Being pro active is a great way to avoid getting overloaded with work further down the road. take care of the most urgent matters first in your marketing. Maybe there could be a way for you to automate some of your marketing tasks? Like I mention in the video attached to this post. If you don’t have time to take care of all your blogging yourself, maybe you could consider to outsource it? I am sure that there are many things within your marketing that you could review and make more time effective.Are you doing things during the days that you could cut down time on? Are you talking on the phone for hours with friends? Of course you need to have a personal life but remember to focus on your business! To create more momentum in your business you may have to cut down on your free time…  Because what are you treasuring the most? Free time or results in your business? If you are not yet making the big money in this industry, then I would make it a priority to focus on business.

The free gift mentioned in the video can be accessed here.

I hope that this blogpost have helped you out in some regard about what good pro active strategies may involve.


Tommy Olsson.

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You deserve better,you are meant for more

You deserve better, do you feel and believe that you deserve better then where you are in life right now?

I believe that many people all around the world are accepting bad financial situations that they maybe don’t have to be in. People may hate their jobs but still they remain at those jobs because it gives them a feeling of security in some way. It gives them security in shape
of making it possible for them to pay their bills. The question is, should they accept that or realize their full potential? Sometimes I believe that people do not realize their full potenttial and that they can do more then they give themselves credit for.

They might lack self confidence and self esteem… to these people I would like to say like the subject line says, you deserve better…

But if you find a way to break free from a bad situation,would you take it? Would you grab that chance with both hands and make that change happen? I hope you would, because You deserve betteryou deserve better then having a medioker average life. People need to realize that they are meant for more,in many cases this statement is true. I can understand why people stay at jobs they truly hate , because they are not seeing another alternative right then and there. Because we all must have food on the table,we all must be able to pay our bills. But when a job becaomes a necessary evil,and you do not feel anything else for the job besides frustration and boredom, well then you have two choices…

Choice 1; Stay at the job and try to manage despice the fact that is not a positive experience for you.

Choice 2; Find away to make a living some other way, a way that you will truly enjoy and being excited about. If you stay ata job that  just irritates you and frustrates you then in the long run you are risking to sooner or later  be feeling less good about yourself.

Many times people do not “make the leap” so to say and take a chance towards change, because they are afraid, their negative mindset are stopping them. That is why I want to motivate you and inspire you to realize that you can do what ever you set your mind to, IF you really believe that you can! It is basically just you that can decide if making a change would be right for you,and at the same time there is only one person that is stopping you, and that person is you! And I believe that you deserve better then the situation that you might be in…

So I will finish this blog post off by saying that we only live ones, so if you see a way of improving your life, then just grab it with both hands. realize that if you are in a bad situation,then know that you deserve better…  Subscribe to my free newsletter at this blog if you are open minded towards change.

Have a nice day.



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Create motion because motion creates emotion

Create motion, simply because motion creates emotion. Sounds strange, hard to grasp what I mean? Well I will explain it all to you now.. It has to do with mindset,state of mind and what we choose to focus on in our lives.

I wasn’t really sure about the definition myself about this statement/quote “motion creates emotion”, so I researched it. I Googled it and found a good explanation at Tony Robbins blog.

What does he mean?

What he means by this qoute and the benefits  when we create motion is that Where focus goes energy flows. What that means is what ever we focus on,positive or negative things well that is how our lives will become. If you are having negative thoughts about yourself and your goals then nothing good will come out of that mindset,but if you see yourself as a winner,well then I am sure you will shortly start to see progress for yourself. Sowhat it means is that if you think positive thoughts then positive things will happen and vice versa… create motionTony Robbins also means that we should cjhallenge our fears, and not focusing on those fears but instead focus on where we want to be in life in a positive manor. To create motion this way has to do with taking action as well. taking action on postive things in life, thinking positive thoughts. Maintain your pssitive thoughs  through reading books or listen to audios daily. I know I have blogged about the importance of reading books so many times, but it is really important that you do to keep the negative thoughts away. I am reading a book now that i really can reccommend It is called “Awaken the giant within” and it is written by Tony Robbins… The book is really great, teaching you to bring forward that winner in you, challenging your fears.

Other aspects…

Other aspects of create motion is tht it also involves body language ,by having a strong self confident body language you in fact will make better decisions for yourself. It involves also how you talk to yourself in your head or things you say out loud,if there are negative or positive questions you are asking your self. Basically what this concept is all about is mindset,what ever you think you can or can not do,you are right. i didn’t come up with that quote,someone else did,but it is so true. Create motion is about your perspective, how you choose to look upon yourself and your life, in a positive or negative manor. Mastering your inner thoughts is how you will truly enjoy good health and reach success in what ever you focus on as well.

So now,go out there and have only happy thoughts about yourself and your own abilities, and go for what you want to achieve 🙂

By the way, the free gift mentioned in the video can be accessed by clicking here.

Thank you for reading.



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