What is conversion ratio?

What is conversion ratio?

If you have heard about this term conversion ratio and not quite understands what it is, then keep reading and I will give you my best answer to this question,

“what is conversion ratio?”

There are differen meanings of conversion ratio but in this post I am focusing on conversion ratio when it comes to making sales through online marketing..  In online marketing conversions is what we want to have we want to convert the leads to buyers and costumers. but what exactly what is conversion ratio then? In a simple explanation  it is the amount of visitors to a webpage for instance that becomes prospects/leads to your list. Or the amount of leads that becomes paid costumers. But let us dig a bit deeper into this question… At businessdictionary.com they have this definition; “Proportion by which one unit or value may be translated into another.” That may not be a very easy to understand answer after all,so let us dive into this concept a bit further.

What is conversion ratio?

Well as can be read at seochat.com, conversion ratio is  the amount of sales per website visitors, or the percentage of visitors “converted” into sales. This means that  if you have made 10 sales from 200 visitors, then your conversion Ratio is 1:20, or 5%. “Ratio” is the same as “rate”.  Of course as online marketers we all want as high conversion ratio as what is conversion ratiopossible of course,otherwise we might want to consider to change something about our capture pages or our follow sequence in our autoresponder. That is why we need to track our conversions as well,to see  what we must improve in our marketing. Maybe you need to edit the text on your capture page. or the color of the buttons on it? To get more results from your marketing you simply have to track everything about it. Because even the smallest change can create  a lot better results. If you do not track your marketing, then you are like you were blind “out there”, not knowing where to go. We want to generate leads for starters and then convert those leads into sales, we all know that. So we want our websites and follow up letters etc to be as effective as possible, and make the visitors take action.. Because we do not want a low conversion ratio, do we? Nobody wants that of course because we are all here to making money…

So as a summary…

  • Conversion ratio is the same as conversion rate
  • Conversion ratio means the amounts of conversion from your capture page for instance,the amounts of leads that turns into buying costumers.
  • To make as much money as possible we of course want the conversion ratio to be as high as possible, therefore we need to track everything in our marketing

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Wishlist member plugin. a great plugin when starting a membership site

Having your own membership site is a awsome way to create a recurring income,

so therefore I will present to you now the benefits with  the Wishlist member plugin.

Wishlist member plugin is a  plugin that allows you to create membership sites on a wordpress blog or at a regular website.

A membership site is a site where only paid members can access your products or services. To increase you income online having your own membership site is very valuable, as you can get those payments made without doing all that much work.   This depends of course Wishlist member pluginof the type of products you will offer, if they require you to update the content often or not. A membership site if it is set up correctly, keeps the flow of money coming in while you mybe are focusing on building your online business. You could also just focus on only to build membership sites and create products for those sites to make a living.

So how does this Wishlist member plugin work and what are the benefits with it?

Wishlist member plugin is not a free plugin or a free software and the price points varies depending on if you are just going to use one domain name for it or multiple domains. The different price points are as follows;

  1. Single Site License. 197 dollar a year for one website and then you will have full support and unlimited updates during that year. You then get access to the WordPress basic course. You will have access to the customer center, 30+ training videos and detailed support guides as well.
  2. Multi-Site License for 297 dollars. You are able to have unlimited domain names for your membership sites. You will get 2 years of full support and unlimited updates to your sites. You will also hve access to the WordPress basic course, exclusive membership interviews,300+ membership icons,100+ custom drawn icons, have access to the customer center, 30+ training videos and detailed support guides.

Althought the wishlist member plugin/software isn’t free is it seems to be really worth it to invest in it. To use this wishlist member software on a WordPress blog you basically just unzip and upload the plugin to your blog and take it from there, as they mention on the Wishlist website.

You can check this page out to learn more about this wishlist member plugin.

On that page you can also  check out feedback from existing costumers about their experiences with Wishlist member plugin. Creating your own membership site may sound Wishlist member plugindifficult, but as they have detailed video tutorials on their Wishlist website anyone should be able to set up their first membership site using this product. More then 74,186 membership sites world wide are using this product. This is not something that I am a affiliate of, I just wanted to share this information with you anyway. If you should consider to buy this product then it also comes with a 30-day guarantee.

If you are interested in learning how to build up a 5-figure income,

then go here for free information…


Tommy Olsson


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Dealing with procrastination and getting out of that bad place

Dealing with procrastination. It is easy to sometimes start to procastinate,to waste time instead of taking action on the things that we truly know that we need to be doing.

The things we need to be doing to get out of that bad place, that black hole where you maybe are right now. If you recognize that you are making excuses and not dealing with procrastintion in your life, about why you are not doing what you need to be doing to improve your life and situation, then you need to start dealing with procrastination, otherwise you might  be remaining in that bad place for a long long time.

Getting out of that bad place…

Nobody enjoys not feeling good about themselves or feeling bad about the situation that they are in, but if you are not willing to change then nothing will change for you either. If dealing with procrastinationyou are unwilling or hesitant to dealing with procrastination because of fear of coming out of your comfort zone,then that is something you need to focus on coming out of. People may procrastinate because of limited self belief, issues with coming out of comfortzones as well as information overload. People may be so overloaded with information about all new shiny objects etc that they almost feel burned out.

When you decide to quit a job

Now there are some important things you need to think about when you have stopped to procrastinate and want to  quit a boring 9-5 job. Some people say that you shouldn’t stay at a job you hate and instead so to say fire your boss and resign, but the reality isn’t that easy sometimes. You still have to support yourself and your family ,so if you are considering to work online from home,do it part times for starters,or do it just in your free time. This way you have the income from your 9-5 job as a security until you make enough money online to so to say stand on your own two feet. I agree that you shouldn’t put up with a  none fulfilling job for to long , but make sure that the decision you make are well thought through. You should be dealing with procrastination,but still move forward towards independence by being your own boss, in small steps. Make the decision to move on towards greater things,but make sure that you are doing at the right time. Do not do something rash that you haven’t thought through.. When it comes to reaching your goals and making progress in your business you need to do the opposite to procrastinating-taking action… Procrastinating will just make your progress stop so that is also why you need to be dealing with procrastination. Nothing good comes out of procrastination, rather the opposite.

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Tommy Olsson

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Spend money to make money,its a must to make more money

Spend money to make money,
that is what is required to take your earnings to the next level.

Don’t get me wrong I know that you can become an affiliate for someone elses products and use free marketing methods that pays off, but any how to take it to another level you must spend money to make money.

Talking about a serious income

I also know that there are systems or biz ops where you can sign up for free to start making money online, but I still believe in that the fact that you really need to spend money to make money. That is if we are talking about making serious amounts of money online,and if you want to stop up your online earnings faster. To be able to build up your earnings up effectively, then you must consider to in fact spend more money to able to spend money to make moneymake more money as well… Because if you want more leads and in time making more sales and not having to work 24/7 to get those results, then paid advertising is the option. Although like I said prevoiously, there are free prospecting strategies that really pays off, you could add even more results to those efforts by investing in paid advertising. If you are not satisfied with the pace  that your team building and income building is going,then yes paid advertising is the answer. On the other hand not all paid advertising is of high quality, so you need to do a research before investing in any paid advertising. I have mentioned solo ads in a previous blogpost, and using quality solo ads traffic is a great way to build your list fast. But then again you need to perform researchers to find a good solo ad vendor. But I am mentioning that in that earlier blog post as well… There are several ways of paid advertising that can produce results for you, it doesn’t have to be only through solo ads. it can be through Bing ads, Adwords, youtube ads,Facebook ads etc. The main things is that you consider paid traffic. Because you need to spend money to make money.

Solutions for a limited budget…

If you have a  limited budget you maybe only want to use the free methods of generating leads for starters,but when you have made some profits, make sure that you invest most of Spend money to make moneythat money back into paid advertising and back into your business, to speed up your lead generation process. No matter what budget you are having we always should invest a large sum of our profits back into our business in shape of paid advertising. This of course to build our income faster to be able to reach those goals of ours faster as well… Talking about lead generation and making more  sales, feel free to sign up for my free newsletter at this blog 🙂 Thank you for reading this post.



Tommy Olsson

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Add testimonials to your blog or website to make more money

Add testimonials.

If you are looking for more exposure and to be able to make more sales,
then to add testimonials to your blog or website is very beneficial for you as a marketer.

When you add testimonials to your blog and/ or website you are able to create more interest  and exposure to you as a online marketer as well. So how to you get your hands on these testimonials? Well you can ask people that has worked with you,for instance withing your so called circle or team mates in the company you are a member of. But remember that these testimonials should be really honest, so people shouldn’t use lies in add testimonialsthe testimonial that you will add to your blog or website. The truth will always come to the surface anyway,so it is always best to stay real and true to your audience and to anyone that you come across… Yes it is true that I not yet have testimonials added to this blog,but I am thinking of maybe taking care of that later on. To add testimonials is very important when you launching a product of your own as well, by doing so you may increase the amounts of sales you will be making for that product. Adding testimonials can create that extra momentum for your product and for your money making efforts.

When people view your testimonials they may be more willing to work with you or buy what you are offering, because then they see that what you are teaching or sharing are real and true. People are sometimes hesitant to spend money so when  you add testimonials you can remove those doubts that they are having. So by using testimonials you can make people more willing to buy. Having testimonials on your website also creates more reliability for you as an online entrepreneur and expert within your niche.

The lenght of testimonials

The testimonials that you add to your blog or website shouldn’t be to long,but not to short either of course. They can from 30 seconds up to 1 minute and 30 seconds. they should be to the point and honest as I mentioned before. When people record your testimonials if they are in video form they need to make sure to have good lightning when recording and that they speak with a clear voice as well. To motivate people in your circle to do testimonials you could offer them to make testimonials for them in return.

The benefits with adding testimonails follows:

  • You will get more exposure to yourself as a marketer and it creates relaibility towards you as well.
  • They can lead to more leads and sales for you.
  • Testimonials makes people trust you more.

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Tommy Olsson

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Is it still worth it to build a list?

More or less everyone that  are involved with online marketing are saying that you simply need to build a list.

Build a  list of potential buyers.

But is that still true when it comes to making money online? Is there a smarter more effective way to use in order to make money online? Is it still worth it to build a list or is it a waste of time? It is really not a waste of time, building a list is what every serious marketer needs to be doing to make their money making efforts online easier.

Other things to consider…

But there are other aspects about your list of subscribers that you also need to know… It is not enough to build a list, you need to create some kind of relationship what your list as well. You need to write to them in a entertaining way because otherwise you might just bore them. You need to put a smile on their faces when they are reading your emails and this way you can be making sales. And we never want to bore our subscribers. I have blogged about build a listthis recently as well…  This is a must when you want to make money through your list. When you have a good relationship when you list you practically can make money through that list each time you are sending out a broadcast. Not everyone on your list will buy from you though, but some of them will if you create that relationship with them.

How to build it

You are able to build a list through both free and pid methods. One low cost way of doing that is to have a opt in form at your blog. if you have a marketing blog then there is no reason to why you wouldn’t have a opt in form to a free newsletter on it. Article directories is worth using as well, by submitting quality content there to create those valuable backlinks as well as branding you as an expert. Then there are video marketing, you can brand yourself as well as generting leads by sharing value in videos and upload them to for instance Youtube. You could also connect with people on facebook or other social platforms to prospect on those. There are lot of free ways of building a list . When it comes to paid strategies of building  a list, a qucik wy of doing it is to invest in solo ads, bing ads,youtube ads, facebook ads etc. There are a lot of different paid ways that you also can make use of to build your list.

Choose a way that fits you and your wallet, as long as you are building your list constantly then you  are “doing it right”… If you haven’t started to build a list yet then I would strongly advice you to start doing it now.

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Tommy Olsson

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Weekly paycheck, how to create a weekly paycheck

What does it take to create a weekly paycheck?

Many online marketers are struggling to generate any paycheck at all,so what is required to change that and be able to generate a weekly paycheck?

Is it even possible to create weekly paychecks? Yes it really  is…

Do something that you have never done before…

To begin with to get better results through your online marketing you need to stop doing what doesn’t produce any or small results for you in your business. Because if something hasn’t work prevously then why should it start to work now? To get better results you need to do something different in your marketing, something more productive.. We all need  a good mentor to help us move forward, so that we are able to make more money online. So hopefully you already have such a Weekly paychecksponsor and mentor. If not,then you may have to connect with someone that knowledge that can help you take your earnings to a new level. This doesn’t mean that you have to leave the business that you are in…. But the accomplish something that you never  have done before you need to do something you never have done before. therefore we need to be connected with people that can help us to create that change for us. Because we need to be connected with people that has the kind of success that we also want to have. So there is nothing wrong with having more then one mentor. They may actually be a good combination for you.

Focus dedication persistence

These three words is what we need to applply if we really want to create that weekly paycheck. Focus on what you want to accomplish, on your goals. Be dedicated to your business and what you want to achieve throught it. Do not fall for the latest shiny object out there… If you continue to jump on the so aclled “next thing” you will not make any big paychecks any time soon. Stay focused on your current business and make it successful for you. If you jump from biz op to biz op your followers and audience will notice that ,and that is not a good thing. Because then they may not regard you as the leader that they want to follow. Getting in on great deals and business opportunities can be something very beneficial but you can’t jump around too much either. If you do you may not be taken seriously by  your audience… Stay focused at one business until you become successful in that business… If you want that weekly paycheck then that is what you have to do.

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Screen cast omatic .how good is screen cast omatic?

This blog post will be about a tool I personally use that is called

Screen cast omatic. It is a free tool but there is also the option to upgrade for this tool for just $15/yr.

So what does Screen cast omatic do?

Basically it records what are shown at your screen and you have the option to have your face seen in your videos or ue this screen recording tool without you being seen in the video. This toola cann be a good resource for anyone that have issues with showing themselves on video ,but still they are able to share value with their audience with Screen cast omatic. Of course we should all work on our comfort zones and fears, but as a start using Screen cast omatic in this way is a good choice. You can start Screen cast omatic at their website or you can download it to your desktop. Screen cast omatic makes it possible screencast-o-maticto upload your recordings directly to your Youtube account or to save it as avideo file to your computer.  Screen cast omatic is a great respource when you want to record tutorials, teaching your audience something,or use it when promoting a product. By using this tool you can make it clear why your potentil customers should buy your product or join your business opportunity. You could show proof of your earnings and /or the amount of leads you have generated etc. Yes there are so many ways that you can take advantage of  Screen cast omatic

Benefits with going for the Pro version

The features  that you get when upgrading to The Pro level are as follows;

  • No watermark
  • Make longer recordings*
  • Record Computer Audio (Windows Only)*
  • Edit tools
  • Scripted Recordings
  • Draw and zoom
  • Publish to Google Drive, Vimeo Pro, Dropbox
  • Screenshot Tool

So there are a lot of benefits with becoming a Pro member, how ever you still can benefit from being a free user of this tool as well. Because as a free member you are able to;

  • Make 15-minute recordings
  • Screen & webcam recording
  • YouTube HD publishing
  • Save recordings as video files

Other services

 Screen cast omatic has other services as well.such as hosting. However when you are uploading your videos to your hosting at  Screen cast omatic, those recordings can’t be longer then 15 minutes even if you are a Pro member. Site License Pro Recorder is available if you want to use this tool in your busines or at a school without having to create a account. Then you could upgrade to $12/month or choose to pay $115/year, if you don’t want to remain a free member. You can get started with Screen cast omatic right here.

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Tommy Olsson

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Response to your email, tips about how to get response to your email

Are you not getting response to your email
that you are sending out to your listof subscribers?

I will give you some of my best tips about how you can get
more response to your email now if you keep on reading.

If your list is not showing any or very little response to the emails  you are sending out to them,then something is wrong with the content that you are sending out. I am sorry to say it, but it could be that you have been bored your subscriber in fact. But I will explain now how you can change that so that you can get more response to your email that you are sending out.

Be a entertainer…

We have to be really entertaining when writing the emails to our list of subscribers, make them smile even if you of course want to make sales through what you are sharing in those emails. So how do you do that? Well tell stories, because most of the times people love response toyour emailstories. Tell them a story, it can be a bit fictional story or  a true story about something that you have experienced for instance. It should be fun and rewarding to read those emails that youa are sending out,this to avoid low open rates and people unsubscribing from your list. This a must when we are talking about getting more response to your email. Use subject lines that really awakens the readers curiosity and attention as well… There always be people that will unsubscribe though ,even if you write in a good entertaining way. Some people are simply not interested in spending any money to be able to make money. Some people are not interested in what you have to offer. But to keep the subscribers that might be interested in what you are promoting and to improve the response to your email, then yes, then you need to write in a Response to your emailentertaining way and being really creative. If you feel like you do not have enough skills to write good emails to your list, then you might want to invest in  a ad copywriting course. This beacuse then you increasing the chances of you making more money through your list. Sometimes it is necessary that we invest in courses that makes us better marketers, this way we will also invest in ourselves.

Review what others do…

You could also subsscribe to successful marketers nesletters to see how they are writing their emails. However, never copy wht they write becaue that is illegal, but study their way of writing to come up with your own way of improving your email writing skills…

If you liked and got value from reading this post,

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Tommy Olsson

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Importance of mentoring, you need a mentor

In this blog post I will point out

the importance of mentoring.

I will give my answers to the importance of mentoring

and why we all need a mentor  to benefit our development as online marketers and entrepreneurs. No matter how successful  someone is in their journey as a online entrepreneur, they still have to keep learning, learning new skills to generate more results. We can’t figure out how everything works in online marketing by ourselves all the time, we all have to start from scratch. We need someone who can teach us. because there are always someone else that has greater knowledge then yourself about making money online.

Get mentoring from the right person

The person we choose to have as  mentor must be having the level of success that you do not have right now, but you want to have that same level of success as that mentor. Importance of mentoringBecause that is how it works, we must be taught by someone that makes the kind of money that we also want to be making online. There is no point really to get mentored by someone that is as succesful as you are, because that person can’t help you take your business and yourself as a marketer to the next level. Because they do not have the necessary skills yet to do that. I hope that this makes sense…

Help to step it up…

When you join someone in a business it is their job to teach you and to mentor you. If they do not have that proper skills to really help you out, then you might have to consider to look else where for someone that in fact CAN mentor you. Top earners in this industry are even investing a lot of money to pay a a good mentor to help them take it to the next level. They are willing to invest that large sum of money just because they want to be able to make as much money s that mentor is making and moving ahead in their career. They might feel that they can’t get there without further mentoring. So they believe it is necessary and totally worth it to invest in that mentoring. This really shows the importance of mentoring and the right type of mentoring… So when you get really successful if you aren’t that already, you need to realize that you need to invest in yourself by for instance invest in mentoring, if you can’t get access to that skillset some other way. We all want to be as successful as possible of course and that is where the importance of mentoring come into play. Some marketers are even having more then one mentor also. When they have more then one mentor those mentors skills is probably a very valuable combination for the so called “pupil”.


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